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SonicMaster wrote:

Is your real name John L, or was it meant to be a joke about John Lennon?

Just a random letter. Didn't even think about Lennon when I posted it.

My real real name is Corbie D.

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dont you mean pixel m.? Or does your real name not live up to ur sig?



Well, the FBI complained about me using lowercase letters after I signed an article when they were taking my pixelprints. If I don't capitalize my name so-called "real" name they'll throw me in the Windows XP can. I'm deathly afraid of that place, so I comply.

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Michael G.

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I see wut u did ther
Awkward cough. Her heeeerrrm!


My real name is Cornelius Zeffwig, but I often go by my stage name Corbie Dillard. Just makes things easier for everyone involved, including the FBI's witness relocation program.

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Plain old gamer :)


Isn't your name Grim Fandango or something?
p.s. your blog link isn't working

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CowLaunch wrote:

Helen Back

Freddy Pharkas? You was askin about Freddy Pharkas, the guy what saved Coursegold, only nobody knowed it was him?




ok in order to find out my real name you must take my screen name, add 7 subtract 4 divide by 3.14, square it, and finally find out my real name is brian erb

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

CowLaunch wrote:

Helen Back

Freddy Pharkas? You was askin about Freddy Pharkas, the guy what saved Coursegold, only nobody knowed it was him?

This is way over my head! I just meant a pun as in, to 'hell & back'. I was also toying with the idea of using Peter File, but thought better of it.



D'oh. There's a character named Helen Back in Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, and I thought you were getting on my good side by referencing it.

Now I know you're just a fraud.

An unintentional fraud, yes, but those are the worst kind.




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My real name was in a new's artical on N-Life and not by cowincedence buy they dident know it was me and I dident take credit for it at the time but have since then but I dont think anybody noticed. anyway a cyber jar of cyber cookies for anyone who has figered it out

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My Real Name Well Its Charlie but I Like Tails Better

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My name is Edward. Not Edmond (or Edmund), not Edbert, not Edwy, not Edwin and definitaly not Edwina. Hence the username "edhe". My second name is Hendry NOT Hennimore, not Henry, not Healy......

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