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Creepy 7/10

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8/10 Take that Blooper! (I honestly don't know what that is from.)

But...but how does his gorgeous looks NOT intimidate you?

Just for you.
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2/3 looks creepy...

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As far as anime characters go, that one doesn't look as over-the-top in terms of hair....relatively speaking.

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8/10 i don't see the point of those letters.

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Guilty Gear is great, but It's not the best avatar.

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6/10 8/10 cute but so light and shiny I have trouble seeing it. not sure what I was seeing before...

Pogocoop wrote:

Guilty Gear is great, but It's not the best avatar.

I searched for, like, an hour for a good Order-Sol avy. This was the best I could find.

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