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In reference to the ut3 pc free-weekend

castlehominid99 wrote:

I sold it for ps3 and didn't like it. I heard the pc version has better controls though

As a pc-fps-snob, this be pure gold, yar!



Quote of yesterday:

MetalMario wrote:

The pancake squad stole my ostrich ham.

(from the random rpg thread)

Quote of today:
From the unsurprisingly short-lived 'nonsensical thread' (lol), Nanaki shut it down with this,

Nanaki wrote:

Please go back to playing with shiny objects. Thread locked.


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Thought I'd revive this. This one's from The British Thread

__Stevie wrote:

Badknux wrote:

I'm not a fan of Britain, too many infected.

I will crumpet slap you if I ever see you in Blighty

Stevie FTW

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

.......and I'm still at a loss to explain WariosButthole.

You don't have to explain a butthole, CB.... even if it is Wario's.

[insert 25 Cents here to play]


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