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I don't play Bit.Trip: Beat as much as I used to, but I'm not giving up on it. And I'll get back other games like Okami and No More Heroes one of these days... no, really, I will!

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i usally get 90-95 percent done with a game, stop playing it, a month passes, finish the game
the only game i really quit on is Okami where you have to face the Water Dragon because i dont know where the hell to go

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What is considered "quitting" a game? I think i only truly have quit a few, which are promptly traded in (i typically will only "quit" a game if it's rather flawed or i think it just plain sucks).

There are plenty of games that i stop playing for extended periods, and maybe don't get back to them for months or more (made much easier for many games thanks to the VC suspend-state). Solomon's Key was the king of this for me -- first starting playing through it back when it came out, 1987 i think. Played it solidly for years, getting to higher levels each time. Then my gaming decreased a bunch in college until senior year, i got back into Solomon's and finally, in 1997, completed the game (all rooms, all bonuses, yadda yadda).

So yeah, i very rarely truly "quit" a game. =)

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