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It's a simple game where normal users count up, but with a twist. If mods or admins comment, the number goes back to zero. Get the highest number you can! Only one number per post, no doubleposting unless accidental. But the biggest rule of all. If you don't follow this rule, you can't comment here anymore. Have fun.

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Or two-thirds...

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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NO! 2

Bah! Beaten. 1

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Does it count if I leave a post full of inappropriate content and a mod edits it?

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Ah So many mods. I regret my decision immediately. 1

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You like compost?
I'll compost YOUR FACE!


I'll hurry things along a bit.

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Meowpheel wrote:

We don't sleep.

Moderators don't need sleep, sleep needs moderators.



This game is more amusing when the moderators are also allowed to count up. I actually played this silly game a lot when I was a moderator on another forum. We would even organize attacks during lower member activity!


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..................I thought this thread was gonna, never mind. Enjoy the pointless game. lol

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