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I saw this neat Samus picture on the homepage of . I don't know if I'll stealing or not, but I am hoping to download that picture as an avatar. That is Samus for this Smash Bros. game. Would it be stealing? Thanks.

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Generally that would fall within fair use. As long as you don't claim the character or artwork as your own, using the picture as an avatar should be fine. If you're particularly paranoid, you can cite the source of the image.



Yeah as long as you dont claim it as your or try to make money off of it you shouldn't get in trouble. If you want you can always cite the site you got it from in your signature. Than again if you are really that worried you could not use it all.

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It's like if you stole this image from me and claimed it as y... That would be stealing.

I would also stab you if you did.

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Got it thanks guys. Moderaters, you may lock this topic if you want.



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