Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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No, just due to lack of power and very low install base. If the latter changes significantly, I can see it being slightly better. But not by much at all.

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There not getting much support now so I would say no. At least the Wii got support at the beginning before developers noticed they were flopping so they jumped ship. Pretty much Ubi was the only company that made money and they only did that with Just Dance, but now they're multiplatform.

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No, not really.

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I bet it will.

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Ok guys some bad news here. I am experienceing some computer problems right now and unfortunately the only way I can be on the internet is by Wii U, 3DS or my phone. Since its kinda a pain to type on those at least for me, I might not be updating the QotD as often. Hopefully I will be able to solve the problem soon. If I totally decide to end this thread I will let you guys know. Till then just be patient with me please.

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Yes because it really can't get much worse anyway

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Ok so after countless hours of cussing, yelling and sceaming I fixed what was wrong with my computer. Sorry for the delay for the question. So lets get to it.

Question# 472: Would rather deal with hot weather or cold weather?

Me if I had to choose I would deal with the cold cause with hot weather there is only so much you can take off to get cool. With being cold you can always put more on to warm up.

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Cold weather. I'm better with it than most people so if start to feel it's too much to bear I can just put a jacket on. I usually like to just bear it when the tempature is pretty low, so if I put a jacket on, it will increase my ability to deal with the cold greatly. I also hate hot weather, and plus I burn in the sun easily so that another reason to not like heat in addition to it's unpleasantness. Plus I don't like to wear shorts. I own one of them (barring swim and basketball shorts) that I have never worn outside of ensuring they fit.

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Cold weather, I'd rather freeze like a Popsicle than melt like one.

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cold weather. There's only so much you can take off to get cool, but there's always more you can put on to warm up (plus, if you add in humidity, taking stuff off isn't much help at all).


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Cold weather, because with cold weather you can cover yourself up, but with hot weather, you have to wear minimal clothing as to not get hot or sweat from wearing clothing to protect from the sun.

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Cold weather, same reason as everyone else. This is why I love MN, have yet to remember a winter where we didn't get temps in the negatives for a few days at least..

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Electricmastro wrote:

Cold weather, because with cold weather you can cover yourself up, but with hot weather, you have to wear minimal clothing as to not get hot or sweat from wearing clothing to protect from the sun.

Sums up my thoughts perfectly


Depends on humidity. 100 degree weather with 30% humidity is no problem, 75 degree weather with 90% humidity is like hell.

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In the past I would've said hot, but I've realized that I can never sleep when it's hot (and worse humid) and I just feel miserable. But I hate cold as well. I guess it's a tie for me.

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