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Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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@CanisWolfred @Clay - Dexter's Laboratory: "I would like to buy your most expensive ice cream. With a million pennies, exact change back, please." That's my fondest memory of that show.

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OK some good shows were mention there and a few I am going to have to check out there, Ok dont have much time for today's question since I have to be to work early today so here it is.

Question #433 Have you every experienced a natural disaster? For example an earthquake, tornado, wildfire, flood etc.

A few months ago I was at my computer and I felt an earthquake, It wasn't bad for use cause the epicenter was quite a distance away but it was enough to shake the house. Funny thing was I didn't know it was an earthquake till I went to work and people were talking about it, I was drinking at the time and I though I just had a slight buzz. WOuld have thought that was the alcohol but that was only after one beer. Lol. I have also had really bad floods where I lived too lucky for me my house wasn't damaged it just was more of an inconvenience cause all the roads were closed so I couldn't even get to the store.

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My most recent one was a earthquake. I felt the house shake for a moment. That was all that happened though, not much of a disaster I guess lol.

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Hurricane - check
Earthquake - check
Derecho - check

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Not me, but my mom has experienced hurricanes and tropical storms. She used to live in Northwest Flordia.

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Destructive Hurricane(s)
Major snow storm(s)

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Superstorm Sandy hit my town pretty hard. A lot of people still haven't moved back here.

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Thankfully, no.

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Luckily for me, England is really boring when it comes to that sort of thing.


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Nothing here.

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I've lived in areas that were hit with hurricanes and I've live in areas that have been hit with tornadoes. I can say without any doubt that I'd much rather deal with a hurricane than a tornado.

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I've experienced an Earthquake in the middle of a test in seventh grade. But due to the archetecture of the school, I barely felt it.
I also have been in the middle of an earthquake in California, apparently. I wouldn't know because during the time, I was in a car for 6 hours.

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No, maybe a really, really bad thunderstorm. I've experienced a derecho, though, had the power out for more than a week. :O I live in Virginia and, ironically, the only time I recall where there was a decent earthquake there, I was on vacation in California, a place were earthquakes are pretty frequent. So I missed an earthquake. :P

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Well, I've had tornadoes that have hit down about a mile away from me and destroy some houses. I've also had some flooding on our land (but nothing destructive).. I actually kind of find it to be exciting when we get tornado weather here..

EDIT- Also, I suppose if you call frigid temperatures (below zero fahrenheit) or blizzards to be natural disasters, then we have those every winter..

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We get one or more hurricanes every year during summer. Fun stuff.

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Live in northwestern Missouri, and although we've had some terrible snow/ice storms (worst one in recent memory being 2007, that shut off the power for 3-4 days) & thunderstorms, we've luckily never been hit by anything truly devastating.

The last disaster we had that got national attention was a flood in 1993, but I was 2 at the time, so I don't remember it.

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Ya know dat huge power outage in New England that lasted for a week in 2010? i was there


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Gansano wrote:

Ya know dat huge power outage in New England that lasted for a week in 2010? i was there

That was the reason I got a generator. After that, I really didn't wanna be disconnected from technology for that long ever again. :P

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Hurricane Sandy. Good news I live more inland so I only got heavy rain which was drained away easy. Bad news the place where I work was flooded (as well as some train stations) so I didn't work for at least a month.
Wish the Wii U was released before Sandy or Sandy happening after but hey, you can't set a schedule for Mother Nature.

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