Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Grateful Dead, they have such a huge variety of music. But please don't make me give up everything else, I listen to so many different bands and types of music.
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Wiz Khalifa (or lil' wayne, jake miller, watsky, and macklemore and ryan lewis) but mainly wiz khalifa.

tumblr's better...

-Kurt Cobain
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A band with good music

real Italian meatballs are made by real Italian meatball men.

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Emaan wrote:


Earth, Wind, & Fire

I could listen to solo artists MJ, Madonna, and Prince for my entire being of existence though,
if I could choose a solo artist for my answer

Oh dude, I listened to September the other day! [youtube:XQf9dtrc26A]

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Question #463: It is your last meal ever. What do you choose to eat as your last meal?

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A Banana Split!

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French fries and cheese croquettes. I'm Belgian.

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I wanna eat my enemy and I want to eat him alive!!! I'm gonna die anyways I might as well take him with me.

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Pasta Pasta Pasta and more Pasta

ديسكو الحب
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Seafood, nothing but it.


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Fish and Chips with a side of Salmon and Peas over Mashed potatoes, with a ludicrous amount of fully caffeinated coffee. Screw being hyper, I'm gonna die anyway, might as well have more energy running through me than the electric chair supplies. :3

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Spaghetti and Deluxe pizza. Dr Pepper on the side.

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Bangers and mash I just thought about it, I want to give it a try and see what all the fuss I'm making is all about.

The cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.
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Unlimited Spare Ribs, I'm too young to die!



A mix of Chinese food and Italian food.

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SkywardLink98 wrote:

A mix of Chinese food and Italian food.

omg never mind about my previous statement, this is the best.

ديسكو الحب
✰ not around as much as I used to be ✰

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A 1-UP Mushroom


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