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Ok so its time for another question. Sorry for the late post but I decided to catch up on my sleep this morning before I had to be at work.

Question #460: Where you ever suspended from school?

Not really, until my freshman year in high school. There was this one kid that kept starting fights with me for a few months in the beginning of the year. I am not really sure what his probably was but he was for lack of better words one of the "special" kids. For some reason he kept coming after me because he thought I started a rumor that he got some girl pregnant. I am not sure why he thought I started it or even who did but he kept coming after me and try to fight me. I didnt really fight him back more less blocked his attacks and maybe counter with a trip or something just to keep him back from me. THing is though to school policy we both were suspended from school for fighting.

When I explained the situation to my parents they treated it like I was on a holiday from school even took me to the video store to rent some games.

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Nope, telling a homeschoolers they can't do school isn't the best way to punish him. (Not that I've ever done something to get in that much trouble mind you.)

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once. consecutive Mood swings. Temper tamprum. Was Over-reacting about that suspension that day.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Not really, until my f.... My freshman year of Highschool. There was this one kid-? What the heck, Tasuki was that you??? lol
But yeah I got into a fight and suspended for 3 days.

Unless that was in the early 90s than nope that wasn't me.

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GuSolarFlare the 5th grade I was running in the corridors with the other guys!!! the teachers went to my class and asked who did it. I was the first one to get up and take the responsibility!(though it was pointless suspending someone for just this)

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7th grade, smacked an obnoxious kid with a textbook. Music teacher FREAKED compared to every other teacher over fights in her classroom. Damn hippies.

Now I'm in high school and a good little child.

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Twice. Third time i got lucky and was permanently removed.

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Once in Year 5. It was the middle of summer and it was extremely hot, so I undid some buttons on my shirt. For some stupid reason you were only allowed to undo two, and I undid three. The teachers were extremely over-reacting over it, and were basically demanding me to redo my button. I kept asking to give me the reason why I should redo my button, but they just didn't tell me. My mum worked at the school, so she took me home but I wasn't really punished at all (no TV and GBA for the rest of the day, still had my computer). She says now that if she didn't work at the school she would have complained, but she didn't want to risk her job. It was only for an afternoon though, might have been two by the time they sent me home, and school finished at 3:15...

Horrible school, hated it there. Still have no idea why they were making such a big deal out of it...

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Suspended? Heck, I was kicked out of an Elementary school, during 2nd grade O_O

I think I had gotten in trouble for hitting (maybe scratching) some other kid's face, but it's been so long I don't even remotely remember anything about the incident, let alone who the kid was, or what I got mad about.

I straightened up in 3rd grade though, and was a little goody-goody with good grades for the rest of my school life.


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Nope. I was supposed to serve detention once for pulling a small prank on one of my friends, but I never showed up and I think the teacher just forgot about it. Other than that, I was considered a "good" student.

Edit- Now that I think about it, I did get sent home one time in Kindergarten for getting in a fight with another kid. I have absolutely no clue what we were fighting over though.

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Fifth Grade. Stabbed a kid with a fork in the Cafeteria.but heres the thing.Yes, i drew blood, but it was unnoticeable, and the kid who i did it to was my FRIEND (at the time) , and though it barely hurt him probably, He FREAKS out crying, and im just like "SON OF A beep".He still deies that he ever cryed during the incident, but i know he did.Some friend i had.Don't remember why was angry. 3 days suspended. Ultimate punishment. Almost got detention once, but got out of it.

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Well, I have gotten other people suspended from school, and also talked my way out of getting in trouble, even if it was my fault. To this day, no one knows, that it was I who took the principle's hood ornament.
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................Where do I begin?

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i've almost been suspended several times. bus incedents, fights, causing fights, arguing with teachers, you name it.

tumblr's better...

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Suspended? Heck, I actually got into so many fights (not that I started them) during my junior year of high school that I was expelled. Finding another school was no picnic, I can tell you that much.

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