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3 small parrots (budgie, cockatiel, green cheeked conure), 8 chickens, and a tank of 20-something fish. Plus the family dog and cat.

My ultimate dream pet though would be an ostrich, and it's actually possible too.


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I've got an enormous 100+ pound dog. She's terrified of absolutely everything, most likely due to her past owners doing some pretty horrific physical abuse to her.

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I have one dog: a golden retriever.
She's so crazy, she like runs laps around the house
She'll be 2 in September.

I also had a black labrador retriever growing up, who passed in 2011.

Love them both very much~

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I've had some fish before, but other than that...

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Currently I have 2 dogs (Husky and German shepherd) and a cat (Tommy cat)
I use to have fish, more cats and dogs, 2 budgie birds, teddy bear hamster, guinea pig, I grown up with animals and will continue to have pets.

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I used to have a dog, but she passed away almost 2 years ago. While she was fine around people, she was a bully to other dogs.

If I get the opportunity, I want to get either a Corgi or a mixed breed.

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I have a Chilean Rose Tarantula.
I want a kitty~

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nope I don't have pets but I've had two dogs once(my parents gave them because I didn't take good care of them), and once had a some fishes(these don't last long), a cat(my parents gave it to someone it seems I'm allergic), a turtle(dead), and some birds too(they where attacked by some cats in my street...).
now that I think about it the only kind of pet I can have would be some super clean independent magical creature or a rock... maybe a robot..... anything that can't die by accident and won't bother my family....

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I have a dog-patty. Got her on St. Patricks day. i've had her for nine years.

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I've got a cat, but I really want my own Shiba Inu. And though I don't know anything about taking care of one, I would love to have some kind of bird if I knew how to handle one.

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My girlfriend has a useless cat we live with

That's about it



Hmmm, let's see. I have Angry Birds, Worms, Watch_Dogs, Pikmin, ...
Oops, wrong thread.


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I have 2 dogs and 1 stupid cat. Seriously, all it does is eat and sleep, and when I try to pet it, it hisses and scratches at me..

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Yep, a dog, which my younger nephews wanted but gave to us and unfortunately a cat which we found. (One lazy and freeloading cat.)

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Yep, we have twin tuxedo cats.

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We have a 14 year old black Miniature Poodle, and a 6 year old tabby calico American Shorthair cat.

In the past, we've had a Basset Hound dog, tabby American Shorthair cat, Siamese cat, hamster, a parakeet, two cockatiels, and three goldfish.

I'd like a Shiba Inu, or Akita Inu dog.


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Question# 454: Have you ever traveled outside of your state?

I did when I was younger. Some of the states that I have been too are, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and if you want to count it Mexico as well. I have also lived in California and Illinois.

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I've been to New Orleans and I used to take vacations here in Tennessee before me and my family moved here.

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