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Ok sorry for missing a day but I overslept this morning and to follow that up I had a crazy day at work so ummm yeah. So this will probably be today's and tomorrow's question since how late I am posting it.

Question# 452: If you could be part of your favorite book which one would it be and why?

What i mean by be part of is live in that world interact with the characters etc.

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Tails of the Bronx
Probably because the characters were pretty-intersting and the Bronx had a lot of interesting places.
(I gotta read some more books.)

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Fodor's Japan, a book showcasing every single aspect of Japan a tourist could possibly imagine, and then some.

It would certainly be more fun than visiting my favorite fantasy or war novel, where I'd be likely to be eaten by a dragon, or shot...


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Is it a cop out if I say that I wouldn't want to live in my favorite book(s)? A Song of Ice and Fire (the series of novels that Game of Thrones is based on) is endlessly fascinating and complex, but the meticulously detailed world George RR Martin has created is a pretty harsh and miserable one most of the time, even for most of the nobles.

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Kind of a loophole, but I'd pick the Brawl in the Family book. Oh the fun I'd have with Pit's Intensity Cauldron...


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Hyrule Historia, because I don't read and incredibly uncultured

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Nothing I can think of, all the books I read would likely leave me dead or miserable.

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The only two books I would like to see the action is a super Mario book (It's been a nice few years since I read it and saw it) that Mario had to get 7 or 9 special mushrooms so he can stop bowser and the army of boo's, then there was a book (I also forgot the name of it) about a kid or teen that goes to a old mansion or something and finds out the place is haunted by ghost children (I forgot how much) and he must help them out or something to find out how they died.

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I would live in the Bible, Old Testament, in particular. It would fit my lifestyle of avoiding shellfish and having multiple wives quite nicely.

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Maybe Hank the Cowdog. Sounds fun to be a rancher and have two dogs and a cat talk behind your back :3

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@Caniswolfred Which Redwall book? Or do you mean the one, the only, the original?

On the topic of Redwall, I always wanted to roll with the Long Patrol.



@World I kinda meant the whole series, since it's all in the same world. But I'd probably go for the original. They seemed less likely to trust the whole "Martin's Ghost" thing then, IIRC, whereas in later ones it's pretty much a proven fact.

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Question #453: Do you have any pets? If you dont want kinds of pet would you like?

I myself have 7 cats. In the past I have had two guinea pigs and some fish as well, and a hamster.

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I had one German Shepherd and a Hamster and fish. But all three of them passed away. So we adopted another dog, and deiced to keep it until death.

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I have two wonderful cats, both boys.

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