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John Hamm.

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Adam West. Adam West. Adam West. And you guessed it, George Clooney. Oh, and Adam West, he's my favorite.

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Ok so today's question comes from @Mickey so a big thank you for the question.

Question#448: If you had the chance to change one thing in your past without any consequences would you take that chance?

Well if there were no consequences absolutely. Probably my biggest thing I would change is I wish I did better in school and paid more attention. I will be honestly and say that yeah with all the stuff I pulled and how much effort I put in I am surprised that I did graduate lol.

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I really can't think of one thing I would change lol

I'm pretty happy with everything I do.

CrimsonFire13 wrote:

Something bed i did last year,i wont say what but it was bad.

Oh come on, you can't leave us on that cliffhanger!



Oh yeah, I did some stupid stuff in my younger days that I would take back. They just may not be appropriate to share on this site.

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The times I called one of my best friends and my complete lack of ideas of things to talk about. Those times were VERY awkward and I am guilty about it. I believe that there were things in my mind to talk about those days....



If I wanted to change something, it'd be with consequences.
If I made myself start working out, I'd want the consequence of being physically fit, so if nothing would change, why would I?
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First, I'd just like to geek-out for a second... OH MY GOSH HE USED MY QUESTION WOW! Now for my answer: I would definitely take that chance. I'd change April 9th of this year so I wouldn't get a crush on my friend in the first place and, since there are no consequences in this scenario, I would still have repented that day. Now how can I get to the alternate universe where this actually happens...

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There's plenty of things I'd want to change. Too many to mention on here.

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What's the point of going back and changing things if it wouldn't change anything (no consequences)?

I'd only want to go back if there were consequences so that I could change what happens in the future. Most notably, I'd tell Melissa Johnson that I actually do want to date her.

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When I said "no consequences", I meant: if something lame happened and it led to something awesome happening, the awesome thing would stay. All of the good consequences would stay or would happen due to the changes you made. I'll admit, the question is sickeningly in our favor. I simply just wanted to ask it.

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I would go back last month, to find out where I got this itch from. >.>
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Yes we all have at least something we wish we could take back and no consequences so why not?

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Absolutely. I cannot give details, but I did something when I was 12-13 that I've been regretting ever since that I'd love to erase.


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To many to list. (not necessarily bad things I've done in the past that I'd want to change, but more important tragedies I'd like to prevent).


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Tricoloryoshi wrote:

Ain't nobody got time for that.

chuckles at the reference

Yea I'm sure there would be things; mostly because I can look back more clearly with the benefit of time (and hind-sight). For all the unsatisfied feelings in one's past, there is also a realization that my experiences have made me the person I am today. And as long as there are new experiences I can look forward to with keener eyes, why should I regret my past?

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