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Varia01 wrote:

What's a thrift store?

A store that usually sells second hand/used stuff.

Oh ok. Does GameStop count?

I guess in it's own way but two good examples are "The salvation army" and "The village".

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Undead_terror wrote:

Varia01 wrote:

Undead_terror wrote:

Varia01 wrote:

What's a thrift store?

A store that usually sells second hand/used stuff.

Oh ok. Does GameStop count?

I guess in it's own way but two good examples are "The salvation army" and "The village".

Got it. I remember my mom getting me and bro a movie at "Goodwill" when we were a bit young.

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I think we once bought everything from a thrift store; ancient history by now.

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Sure. When I first started living on my own I bought a good deal of my furniture from thrift stores.

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It's been awhile since my last purchase, but most definitely.

The last thing I got was a Maneki Neko (you'd probably recognize it as the "Cat 'O Luck" from PM:SS), but I've also gotten books and M&M tins & dispensers in the past (my father collects M&M stuff).

Also gotten a few games, but can't remember anything off the top of my head.


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Great deals on underwear.

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I got to Goodwill all the time with friends.

There's a lot of cool print shirts and different neat things to find there. I've also picked up quite a few books, records, CD's and movies from my visits. You never know what you might find~

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This isn't technically a thrift store, but back when my family first came to Australia we only had a few thousand dollars to our name, so we'd go around the neighbourhood and take furniture that other people had thrown out. I bet 75% of our first home was made up of pre-loved furniture. Heck, that was 12 years ago and we still have some of it XD

Also, my university is commonly regarded as hipster central, so I might end up getting roped into thrifting sometime down the line. Let's hope that doesn't happen

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Question# 446:Have you have taken public transportation i.e. bus, subway etc. to school or work?

Yes I do every day I take the bus. Doing my part to keep the air clean where I live. And actually its not that bad it allows me to get in some game time on my 3DS before work. lol

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Sometimes by my parents car, and other times to the bus.

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Every day I take two buses to and from work for the past 3 1/2 months. I can't drive, so I don't have a choice. Would be nice if I didn't have to, honestly...

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Nope, my school is a 30 minute walk from my house. The exercise is good for me u_u


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Nope to this one as well. I like driving myself places. I don't even like other people driving me in their personal cars

Edit: Actually I have kinda recently. I had a conference in NYC earlier this year so public transportation was pretty much my only option. Parking is nonexistent so I couldn't even rent a car. Took a taxi, bus, and subway all in one trip. The NYC subway was definitely an interesting experience. lol

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Yeah, I usually ride two train terminals to get to college with the rare instance of me driving. It may be crowded as heck, but at least I get easy Streetpass hits per ride.

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That's how me, buddies, and girlfriends got around everywhere in our early high school days. I bought weekly bus passes.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Nope, I took my school bus or cycled to school. Although I will have to take public transit to Uni now.

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Well, I took a school bus when I was younger. Other than that, no. It wouldn't matter anyways, there's almost nothing for public transportation where I live.

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when i was in elementary school i never rode the school bus...i drove a lamborghini to school everyday.

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