Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Morrigan from Darkstalkers or Samus.

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Well I think @iphys had the best answer, lol.

So Summer is generally seen as when all the blockbusters come out movie wise. So I thought that this next question would be perfect.

Question# 443: What at are your movie plans for this Summer?

Well I have to say this summer's movies are kinda meh to me. The only ones I really want to see are Man of Steel and The Wolverine. Ah few of them I can wait till they come out on home video. Although after talking to a coworker of mine I do want to see Pacific Rim on the big screen. SO far I have seen Iron Man 3 and overall it was a good action movie I just don't think it was an Iron Man quality movie.

Also one note please refrain from spoilers if you are gong to give spoilers please use spoiler tags.

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I have already watched Escape From Planet Earth and Jack The Giant Slayer, and Pacific Rim is possible even though it got bad reviews. Escape From Planet Earth was ok, but the pacing was kinda awkward and it was just weird. Jack The Giant Slayer was one of the best movies I have ever seen! The story was quite interesting, it has great actors, and good pacing. Pacific Rim does look pretty awesome, but I have some doubt about the story due to what I've been hearing.



Eh, I probably won't go to the movies this summer.
The only reason I would see Pacific Rim would be for GLaDOS
Edit: Oh, maybe Man of Steel...

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I've already seen Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Man of Steel, both of which I thought to be grand. Prolly because I'm not an intense fan of either, so I don't really care about their value of nostalgia (even though I have seen every star trek movie and live action superman movie).

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I watched Man of Steel this recent springtime, but I'll say this: It was pretty awesome, but the pacing was also kinda weird.



Saw Man of Steel (way better than expected-and also makes me want to see a Krypton opera now). Also Before Midnight (about as good as expected-meaning, one of the best movies in years).

Now I want to see the Way, Way Back.

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Already seen Man of Steel. I liked it okay, but the pacing was all over the place.

Would like to watch Pacific Rim, if for nothing but to enjoy classic giant monsters vs giant mechs death matches.


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It's been a great Summer for movie, there are so many of them. I've seen Iron Man 3, World War Z, Man of Steel, White House Down, Monsters University, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'm also going to see Pacific Rim today. I'm hoping to see The Lone Ranger and The Wolverine and there is a chance I might see Despicable Me 2.

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I really want to see Pacific Rim. Also, remember, movie reviews aren't to be trusted.

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So far I've seen
Star Trek
iron Man 3
Man of Steel
World War Z

going to see Pacific RIm this weekend.


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I saw Monsters University, and that's all that matters <3

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Let's see, I've seen a bunch of movies this summer. I'll start from April I guess because that's when the drive-in opened. So we've seen:

JP 3D - loved it
Oblivion - great
Identity Thief - hilarious
Iron Man 3 - great
Star Trek - terrible and disappointing
Before Midnight - extremely disappointing and just wrong
Man of Steel - terrible and a complete misunderstanding of the character
Monsters U - cute and good but not as memorable as the original
WWZ - just okay at best, very generic feeling
The Heat - amazingly funny
Despicable Me 2 - disappointing, felt too long, and not as good as the original

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I've only seen Star Trek: Into Darkness so far, and The World's End and Pacific Rim are the only other summer movies I can think of atm that I actually want to see.

WWZ was on my radar, since I love the novel, but everything I've read and heard about the movie has made it sound like a lot of the things that made the book special (the wide variety of viewpoints, the intimacy of the individual stories, the genuinely horrifying scenes of violence) were either removed or softened for the adaptation.

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Same as always. DVDs and BluRays on the projector. The last movie I saw at a theater was Insidious, and before that it's all a blur.

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We've seen Jurassic Park 3D & Iron Man 3 (both in 3D, of course).

We usually only see 2 or 3 movies during the summer, so that could be it, but I'm hoping we can get in either Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, or RED 2 before the summer's out (even if it's in the discount theater).

I'm interested in the cartoons, but those can always wait until DVD.


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