Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Ok well I am posting todays question a bit early. But I am doing it before bed cause I can't really sleep but I have to be up early in the morning. Anyway I am sure you can guess the next question I am going to ask.

Question #440: What are your feelings about the Xbox One?

Me honestly I am not too excited about. I watched the E3 presentation before I saw the Sony one and I wasn't that impressed with it. Even excluding the whole DRM always online thing I just wasn't excited about it, not the way I was when saw the PS4. And honestly the whole voice recongination thing just seems like a gimmick to me. I might get one down the line but that will be awhile.

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First you said what was your feeling on the ps4 and now it's xbox one, but anyhow I really don't care for them and doubt I will get any of the two, if I had to choose it would be the ps4.


I think I've said it a couple of times on these boards, so I'm not gonna go in-depth, but if someone gifted me one, I would honestly probably end up throwing it away. (I have privacy concerns, if nothing else)

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Some exclusives look interesting (particularly Crimson Dragon), and I'm sure it'll be a fine system for those who get it, but we'll probably be skipping it, mainly due to the high price point (we'll probably opt for PS4).


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If I enjoyed having less exclusives and inferior hardware for a higher price, I would totally love the Xbox One.

Fortunately most of their 'exclusives' will end up on my PC and I'll really only miss out on Halo and Forza.



I'm not interested in a console which is more expensive because of something I will never use, exclusives I don't care about, and a company which tries to screw over their users and helps the US government to spy on them. I'll stick to the PS4.

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If it was $100 less I'd be all over it day one.


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Very, very bad, sadly.

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Oh sure, I'd love a machine that had a camera recording my every move and sound. Not!
Never getting an Xbone, for a multitude of reasons.


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Actually one of the new Mandates is no ports of Xbox One games in the same why we've seen for the 360. The few PC cross platforms were going to see will be on the Windows 8 app store like Project Spark or Spin off games like the Halo shump.


Hey check out my awesome new youtube channel shingi70 where I update weekly on the latest gaming and comic news form a level headed perspective.

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Xbox One? What are you talking about? It looks very similar to a gross, smelly, painful, and horribly designed piece of junk and that junk was covered in sewage. What you are talking about looks like a replica, oh wait, it is the SEWAGED JUNK! It is even more nastier than its predecessor especially thanks to the LACK OF BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY and PAID SUBSCRIPTION!!! Just touching it gives you a VERY sickening feeling.



@Sony_70 Like Titanfall? They like to say they're going to have lots of exclusives, but they would have to drastically improve this to be on the same level as Sony. The numbers weren't even close last gen.



Yeah, don't really care for it. Not interested in Microsoft. Although I'm sure I'll it'll still dominate around where I live.

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Not much,I thing the PS4 looks much better.

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Teh. Blah. Blargh!. Microsoft is doing good but they have to do better if they wanna justamify that $500 price point with xpensive that online subscription service. The ecomony ain't what it was...

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I've never been an Xbox fan. This is no different. I'm very unimpressed.

I'll stick to my Nintendo systems and Playstations~

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The Xbox One is a symbol of distrust between me and Microsoft. Sure, they changed a lot of the anti-consumer policies but the very fact that they were going to release it like that is enough to convince me it's time to go back to Sony.

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