Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Not really...I still have a lot of Ps3 games I want to get. Also, its seems kind of lame in my opinion.

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It's uninteresting, not really in the slightest, and only if a mgs game on there tickles my fancy.

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I don't know too much about it, but I HATE the lack of backwards compatibility. The controller is freakin' awesome though. The more accurate controls, the realistic rumble, the better triggers, and ESPECIALLY the light (The blue light is awesome). Blue is my favorite color and I really like objects that has black as a base color with blue details, like Tron for example. The physical appearance of the PS4 set is just amazing and futuristic. I don't know about the features though.



I'll probably get it eventually. Even though they aren't exclusive, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are must haves for me.

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I will get one eventually, but so far there's nothing that really stands out as "must own" to me. It will most likely turn out to be my primary next-gen console (unless Smash U turns out to be unbelivably amazing and I just play that all the time, which is a possibility)

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I'm pretty neutral about all three "next" gen consoles. There are no plans to buy or need to feel hype for any of them right now imo.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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I am very excited about PS4. It's gonna be my main console next gen. I pre-ordered mine soon after it was made available for pre-order. Second Son is gonna be so good.

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It's not on my OMG MUST HAVE list since I'm still waiting for my WiiU for Dec. 25. (heh $50 more and a monthly subscription is just too much for me)
But admittedly, the PS4 is doing good so far...
I'm wondering if it's going to announce more features....

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Its going t o be my main console this gen and i'm on track to have one by launch day. Kind of tired of this Generation i'm ready to move away to greener pastures.


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I don't know when we'll get one, but we will, eventually. I know they're not going to be exclusives, but I just can't imagine playing a Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy home console game on anything but Playstation, lol.


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Other than the lack of BC (and paid online, to a lesser extent), I think Sony nailed it with the PS4. I'm sure I'm gonna end up loving my Wii U, but it looks like the PS4 will probably be my main system next-gen.

I also gotta second Jaz's Second Son notion!

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It will be awhile before I get another console but when I do it will be the PS4 no doubt.

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There's no way I'll be able to afford a second console (let along a library for it), so I'm sticking with my Wii U. As for my opinion on it, I really don't have one. If anything it beats the Xbone.


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The PS4 looks great!. In fact I find it more appealing than the PS3 before it launched. It has great graphics, great software support, familiar development environment (unlike the CELL architecture), does not cost a small fortune like the PS3 did, and has a neat controller with added features (rather than removed features, like the sixxaxis). The potential of the machine is amazing!

The only problem, to me, is that without the novelty of HD, or a blu-ray player, the software that has been showcased is really nothing new. In fact, I find it a little boring. This time around it's the software that will do all the talking (unless you're really into the sharing on youtube funtion), and yes the graphics get nicer, but I don't feel blown away and begging to play on a PS4. It's going to be a little bit different on the graphics front this time. Before, the graphics used to be huge leap from generation to generation. 8-bit to 16-bit was significant. 32-bit had the novelty of 3D graphics. then came the PS2 and blew away the PlayStation/N64. and finally came HD gaming. The graphics this time around will not be a significant leap like they were in previous generations.

The worse part for me, as a PS3 owner, is that I got a lot of games from the PSN store and they weren't really graphics intensive anyway. They were quirky platformers or puzzle games. I also played very few games online, so neither the graphics or the online has made me want a PS4 over the PS3--in fact, its made me want to hold on to my PS3 moreso, as I don't have to have a yearly subscription to play others online. The only game I spent hours and hours playing online was F1 201x by Codemasters...and because the PS4 doesn't bring anything new to me, I'll be doing my racing on PC.



I expect a solid, classic library as usual.

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It was doubtful in the beginning, but when they confirmed you had to get PS+ to play online, there was no way I'd get one.

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