Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Super Mario Galaxy(the first, I found 2 a little less fun but that's because I'm not fond of the stage selection map)

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Question# 503: Are you going to get A Link Between Worlds or Super Mario 3D World tomorrow?

My Answer: I would like to get both but I think I will get A Link Between Worlds since that is the sequel to my favorite Zelda game and just hope to get Super Mario 3D World for Christmas.

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Don't have a Wii U. I pre-ordered ALBW on Amazon today, but they aren't delivering it until Tuesday.



No, I'm not intrested enough in either game and I just got a PS4 and Injustice. I haven't even started my copy of Arkham Origins either.

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No, I'm out of cash because of other games(looks at Sonic and Pokemon).

,.....but i might get both or one of them for Christmas.


Don't have a Wii U, so no SM3DW for me.

As for ALBW, I'll try to get it (or M&L:DT) for Christmas.


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My gaming budget is enough for about 1 game a month,a Wii U costs about the price of 8 games. . .Looks like I wont be buying games for around 8 months,sooner is the Wii U gets a price drop this side.


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Neither. I'm waiting until I can get a good price on either one. I don't feel like spending how much money on games that I'm still iffy with.

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No, sadly. I'll likely get A Link Between Worlds for Christmas, but I do not own a Wii U, so Super Mario 3D World is a no-go until I can rectify that.

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Just got Link Between Worlds in the post. I haven't got a Wii U yet, but 3D World will be one of the first games I get for it along with Pikmin 3.

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Zelda, I haven't got a Wii U.

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I'll get both, along with the new Mario party game and Wii party U or Pikmin 3. Toysrus is having a buy one, get one 40% off sale. If I calculated it right, I should save $40 for the 4 games

You know now that I write it out in the post and on paper, the deal looks less enticing. I may have to rethink my choice from $200 to $160 before tax.

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I was thinking about getting Link Between Worlds today but I might wait it out and ask for it as a Christmas present instead. Depends on what happens later this year really.

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I preordered A Link Between Worlds so I'll be picking that up in about an hour. I wanted to get the Zelda 3DS XL but I'm not trying to make myself absolutely broke here just before Christmas I have to start buying presents .

Also, I'm off work until December 2nd so I'll have plenty of time to kick back and enjoy this title. I'm so looking forward to it!!!


Not planning on it. Don't own a Wii U, and I have mixed feelings towards A Link Between Worlds. One of it's big hooks appears to be nostalgia, but I have none for A Link to the Past. Heck, I got bored playing it the first time about a year ago. Still need to get back to it.

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