Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Was gonna pick up a PS4, but my PS3 blu-ray drive broke down, so looks like I'll be replacing that instead.

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Actually yes. Looking to get that sweet Zelda 3DS XL shortly after the game releases (Fingers crossed for Black Friday). My launch Cosmo Black model has been giving my hands cramps for ages. I was planning on getting the PS4 but I'll wait until the spring instead when Watch_Dogs is out.

I was thinking about the Vita since the price was slashed, but I'm holding out for a western release of the Vita TV. Thank god I started working when I did or I would have probably end up with next to nothing.

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It completely depends if I manage to get a job in the next few weeks, but I'd like to get a 3DS XL. Other then that, nope.


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Nope. I've got all the fun I need on my 3DS/Wii U. I do plan to pump-up my systems with some new software, though.

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Nope, I'm content with my WiiU/3ds combo. Too many interesting games to play and beat, so little time.

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Just ordered a Vita that should be here monday, my PS4 is pre-ordered to be delivered on release day.

By the end of the year all I'll need is an Xbox One, but I may actually wait a while till I purchase it.

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I won't be bothering getting any new game systems anytime soon, but I might get myself a ipod touch or ipad, with plenty of free games and games not on the 3ds seems good (but bad for the 3ds)

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As of right now, no. Mainly because I have no money otherwise I'd be picking up a Wii U. As it is, I'll be trying to nudge my folks to gift me 3DS games and eshop cards for Christmas.

Mum has talked about getting a Wii U for the family this holiday though and I've been emphasizing on the games coming out to make the idea stick in her head so crossing fingers. lol

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Question #498: Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?

Nope for the first time in years I am not cause really I dont have anywhere to go and I hardly get any trick-or-treaters.

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no, unless my normal clothes count

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Nope, I don't really celebrate Halloween. Not everyone lives in the US.

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Yep, I'm going out on Halloween with a bunch of friends dressed as the Fantastic Four (really not my idea) . I drew Mr. Fantastic from the hat so except for using dye to give my hair a touch of grey I really don't have anything too outlandish to work on. Except for the pants, which I'm going to have to slightly alter to keep from walking around with a moose knuckle all night.

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Nope, dressing up was always my least favorite part of Holloween. Hence why I've never gotten into cosplay or anything like that. Might consider getting a wolf mask someday, though.

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Maybe, just to see if I can scare a kid or two while I pass out treats, I'm too old to go ToT but don't mean I can't dress up and have some fun!

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Nope. I found an unopened Werewolf mask in my closet that I never used, and was thinking about wearing it while handing out treats, but while it fits fine, the eye slits are terrible.

I may still wear the claws that came with it, though. They freak our cat out, lol.

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Yes; "As what though?" you may ask. Simple: as my character Morpheus:


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I'll make it happen.

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Sadly, I wont be going out this year for Halloween since my friends are 4-5 hours out of the way from where i live now(Sniffle) so i see no real point in dressing up either. I might throw on some 80's duds and kick it old school at home just for fun, while watching Old school horror movies, playing Super Metroid, and watching the entire 2nd season of Are you Afraid of the dark?. My place is decorated, i've got halloween music playing in the background, horror movies on 24/7(I ordered over 20 from amazon this year just for halloween, i always go all out what can i say.) and last but definitely not least, the junk food....Which i can't eat, because i'm allergic and it's driving me funkin' MaAaAaAad!

But yup, I really need to play catch up with Cinnemasacre's 2013 MOnster Madness.

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