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Question #493: What do you think of the news of the Wii being discontinued?

My Answer: I think its about time and really isn't a surprise. After all Nintendo themselves stopped game support on it after the Kirby A.C.

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Should have happened sooner. The Wii has been holding back the Wii U due to uninformed people not realising it's a different thing. The Wii U can do anything the Wii can (except from GC controller and have support, but those were only in the older models anyway), so this can only be a good thing for Nintendo.

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Kind of a shame, but it was bound to happen, since it was reliant almost completely on first-party support right out of the gates, and it's been pretty much dead since Nintendo released the U.

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I'm glad they won't release any more Wii games, I want them on the Wii U.

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I think it might have been timely, then again other well selling systems had a real long time support( PS2 I'm looking at you) and some people(like me) didn't even notice....

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It ran a good course of seven years.

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It died when WiiConnect24 shut down, Nintendo needs to put it to rest and focus on the Wii U.


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I'd say if a console stills manages to sell decent numbers like Wii still does, Nintendo should keep it a while longer. But maybe this is only the family edition model or they have plenty of stock already. Sony does it, look at the PS2, it was manufactured for 11 years! I'm not saying the Wii could last 11 years, but surely another year of production would be reasonable.
Wii Mini has a new bundle in Europe with Mario Kart and they could probably stills sell a million Wii consoles worldwide or so this holiday season.
I feel like we're witnessing the end of an era. It was the little white box that drawn me back to consoles and Nintendo. And looking at the big picture, it's undeniable, Wii changed videogames forever. Very few consoles can achieve that.

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Ok so I have been thinking and I think that question 500 will be the final question. At this point I dont see this thread as being too active so I still am not sure what I will be doing. But let me just say that I have been having fun reading all of your questions and I hope you have been enjoying the questions that I ask even though it does take me a few days to come up with one. I still have a few more questions to figure out what I will be doing with this thread so until then.......

Question #494: Has the government shutdown effected you in any way?

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Don't even get me started on the stupidity of our government right now. But to answer the question, my dad gets to stay home from work now. Unfortunately that also means he's not getting payed either

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Not really no. I don't pay any attention to our government's sheer idiocy, it's just not worth my time.


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Instead of working two part time jobs, I'm now working one. And with car payments and a mortgage to worry about that's not something I can support for long.

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What goverment? Oh wait you mean the one from the united states.

No, not at all.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Not at all. Also, as @bezerker 99 said, the government has shut down multiple times in the past without any major implications whatsoever, so I'm sure we'll be fine this time too.


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Considering how I didn't even know this happened 'til now..., no.

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Yes, I am very worried and upset. There's people and families who won't be paid. I just hope the shutdown won't go on too long.
Edit: /whispers: Should be "affected you" not "effected you" I believe

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