Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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not lately.... I live in one of the only parts of Barueri(the City I live) that has little to none public transport, so I end depending on my parents to move around(it's kind o laughable seeing how I'm 19 and didn't get a driver's license yet) and they don't really like to go out here like it was back in São Paulo....

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Prior to Iron Man 3, I didn't go to the cinemas for at least 3 years.
Even then, I only watched that film because my friend insisted on watching something with other Uni pals. I guess I kinda lost interest in going to the cinemas for films as I got older.

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Usually i do netflix and on a rare occasion ill watch the star trek movies on my wii u. But sometimes i do theaters, so yeah.

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Dark-Luigi wrote:

8BitSamurai wrote:

Once or twice a year.

Havent been yet this year though.

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Very rarely. I have a big family, so it's hard to find a movie that everyone can enjoy. Plus, it's expensive. I did go see Iron Man 3 for my birthday, though, so that was a treat.

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Every other month usually.

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maybe with friends or something, but not very often...
it's been a long time since i've been to the movies though...

tumblr's better...

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I think 5+ times a year...

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Question #481: Have you ever been carded when buying a game?

My Answer: I never was but when I was under the age limit for mature titles they didnt have ratings nor did they card at the time. The other day though my son was when I was with him. I was like oh wow they actually do card people for buying M games lol.

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Yeah, the first time I ever bought a M rated game (it was for a friend) I was carded. I could understand the reason why though as I am fairly short.

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I'm fairly short and young-looking too, and yet I don't even get carded when I purchase liquor. Here, minors can buy M games without a question, but they're not supposed to be able to buy MA games. I've never seen or heard anyone get carded though

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I believe so, but I tend to bring out my ID everytime I buy something, so I can't think of a moment when I was asked to bring it out (since all those memories blend together).


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Nope. Then again, I've never bought a M rated game from a store.

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Once when I bought Fallout New Vegas. But I am very short and do look young for my age, along with being 19. If I didn't use Amazon for 90% of my game purchases I would have been carded much more.

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Never happened to me. Then again, I looked older than I actually was when I bought M rated games at the time. Also, my area is tolerant with these situations, they really don't care for the Rating of each game or who they sell it to afaik.

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