Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Last summer my office was evacuated because of a wildfire that destroyed almost 350 homes in that neighborhood. This summer my house (on the other side of town) was evacuated because of a wildfire that destroyed over 500 nearby homes - the smoke was unbelievable as we were evacuating, but fortunately our house was okay.

We get multiple tornadoes in my county most summers but they're usually small with minimal damage, and heavy thunderstorms are a dime a dozen except during droughts. And we won't talk about the blizzards which occasionally dump 3 feet or more of snow (1 meter) overnight. It's an exciting place to live! You can go to my blog (linked to my profile) and click on the "wildfire" or "lightning" links on the right to see photos I've taken of some of these things...

But at least we don't get earthquakes or hurricanes!

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Ok sorry for the late posting but today was my day off so I decided to sleep in.

Question# 434 Do you use a social network site i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to follow celebrities? If so which ones?

My answer. Not really heck I dont even use them much to follow people I do know like family and such lol.

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Nope, I'm not a stalker.

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Not really, I decided to follow Mike Shinoda on Facebook yesterday, but aside from that, nope.

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Not really, I guess I just don't look at celebrities and go OMG they're so awesome I gotta see what they're always saying. Maybe someday in the future I'll find a celebrity to stalk but so far no.

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Nope. Matter of fact I don't even have an account for any of those type of social sites.

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Nope. But I want to make a Twitter to follow Kamiya, lol.

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ultraraichu wrote:

Nope. Matter of fact I don't even have an account for any of those type of social sites.

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Nope. I just use Facebook for family and friends..

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I mostly use my Facebook for family/friends, but I have liked a few celebrities' pages, so I do get some things in my news feed. I've followed Jimmy Fallon and various comedians, and, if they count, Youtube celebrities like Egoraptor, JonTron, RoosterTeeth, and sometimes Tobuscus. (and following doesnt mean stalking )

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I guess I have liked a few celebrities on FB, but all they do is post American tour dates. I should go unlike them or something.

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Question# 435: When do you think they will announce this year's elite Club Nintendo award and what do you think it will be ?

Well I am hoping that by Thursday when they announce the eShop games they will announce CN as well, Not sure what I want as a prize. Maybe a statuette like they did that one year. I just hope its something better than posters or playing cards like last year. But than again can't complain on getting free stuff.

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I really hope the announce the stuff today but I doubt it will come, as for the rewards I shouldn't complain much since it's free stuff, but I want something cool, Japan got game & watch ball a few years back as a platinum rewards as well as Tingle's balloon fight and this year they got this new download game, I would like something that goes with the 3ds.


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