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I love dogs!

I'll support both of my loved ones, one currently with me and one passed on- and say my favorite breed(s) of dog are retrievers. Being golden retrievers and labrador retrievers <3

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Most larger dogs. I'm particularly found of hound and husky-like breeds though.

The family dog in my household is Phoebe, a young German Shepherd. She's what you may call the obnoxious yet lovable type.

Also, should the day come that we can get another dog, there is a Beagle/Bulldog mix rescue that I've been wanting to take home.

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Question of the Day

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I like bulldogs because they're so fun to hug.

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Have to go with the Beagle, my dog's breed

(Even though they're stubborn, almost impossible to train, and constantly dig up my garden. But I love my Cookie all the same)

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Mickey wrote:

I like pugs. Especially when they're happy. XD

THIS! I love them but if it wasnt for their horrendous breathing problems then I would have one. Also love chocolate labs.



Cockapoos are the cutest things in existence. I have two of them.
they're just so fuzzy and cuddly...

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@theblackdragon Thank you for fixing the typo in my post on the last page. I always misspell "hug".

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