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Probably just video games, if I could only pick one system probably PS3

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I dunno. Maybe Nintendo games? I'm really not interested in collecting every little piece of a set unless all are interesting to me.

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Question #426: What's the most money you've ever spent on a video game?

I've probably spent so much on WoW :x

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$60 (not including tax of course)



$90 and a addition $70 for dlc...which is black ops 2 harden edition and the season pass and additional dlc gun camo's/other game options.

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Probably on Mass Effect 3 with all DLC, and item and reinforcement packs.

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I don't think I've ever payed more than the average £40 for a game at launch, and I rarely do that.
Just remembered, £50 on the Skyward Sword bundle.

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I honestly don't think outside of a couple of AC games that I've ever spent more than the 60 dollar price tag for a game. I bought a lot of the ME2 DLC because it's awesome but that was a Platinum Hits version so the game itself only cost 20 bucks.

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If online social games count as a video game, I spent over $500 once.
Other than that, only $60+tax.

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