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1. Soap Bar, I put it in a clothe so it won't slip, very helpful. It was makes it easy to use up that list bit of it when it's really small. Too

2. hmm, probably @MickeytheGreat, @Konata, or @Chrono_Cross.

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1. Body wash :3
2. Probably: clay, bezerker, Chrono, Fonist I'm not sure

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1. Soap, because it's cheaper and lasts longer, but body wash would be easier...

2. I'm technically already a Penpal with two people from NL...if you consider PMing on Backloggery a "penpal"...

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1: A good ol' bar o' soap.
2: @Retro_on_theGo hands down.

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undead_terror wrote:

1.Bar of soap.
2.Seems like another "who is your favorite nlife user question" and to be honest I know exactly who I would want to be pen pals with... @Konata

Awe thanks! You're my bestie too x3.

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1. Body Wash
2. Myself. Sorry, but I find myself very interesting (that and I'm pretty sure I'm a narcissist).

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1. Soap is too slippery. X( Body wash all day erryday.
2. Chrono

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I use body wash but thats cause I have to be careful what soap I use cause alot of soaps out there give me a rash. Right now the body wash I use hasnt given me a rash.

Probably Waveboy or Ryno so we can get our retro groove on.

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I just slap houny on my body and call it a day~
A real penpal would help rub houny on my back.

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LordJumpMad wrote:

I just slap houny on my body and call it a day~
A real penpal would help rub houny on my back.

I like this man, he don't need no man made stuff, he just uses whatever mother nature has to offer.


1. Soap all the way

2. If pen pal mean IRL friend, then I'd say @Konata, @Pinkie_Pikpik, @MrArcade, @Jaz007, @LuigiMan2000, and probably most people on the MLP thread (not sure how they feel about me though ;_;)

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