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Whoops! Gotta get back into the habit, only missed 1 day though, NBD. @Squid LOL Copy Paste ftw.

Question #420 (hehe): Do you prefer to use body wash, or a bar of soap?

Question #421: If you could be pen pals with anyone on NL, who would it be?

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Oh dear, a 420 joke...

anyways, 1. Soap, natually.

2. Probably @RetroGBHippie92. He was the first to start swapnoting me about stuff, iirc.

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1.Body wash. Bar soap always makes me feel dry..
2.I already kind of do this on Swapnote..

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Magikarp wrote:

Oh dear, a 420 joke...

anyways, 1. Soap, natually.

2. Probably @RetroGBHippie92. He was the first to start swapnoting me about stuff, iirc.

Hey @Magikarp, who have I got you as on my Friend list (just remind me, I'm kinda forgetful)? Also thanks, It's nice to get mentioned once in a while!

I haven't been on this topic in ages, but...
1. Soap....It's usually soap, also body wash? I've never counted body wash as soap really, just because I normally see it in those Lynx/Axe gift bags and stuff.
2. I would be pen pals with @Retro_on_thego, because he seems like a really nice guy and I've don't think we've shared many conversations. Bonus person:@LordJumpMad, although sometimes he seems a bit quirky at first, I'd like to be pen pals if there were ever a chance... Bonus Bonus person: Anyone on this website (except for those spammers that appear on news comments sections sometimes), seriously I don't mind being swapnoted, my 3DS FC is in my sig, do it!

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1. Body Wash. It just feels so nice on my body~

2. Its between Retro, Canis, and Chrono Chross. You guys are pretty interesting.

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1. Soap. I've never used body wash and don't really wanna.
2. Tough question, there's a lot of great users here. It'd probably be a huge tie between @Canisworlfred @kkslider[randomnumbers] @Turtlelink @Ryno @Konata (for wacky anime conversations xD) and probably even more.
@RetroGBHippie Thanks for the mention! You're on the list too! We don't really exchange much dialogue here, you're right. You also seem nice and would make for a good pen pal

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1. Soap Bar, I put it in a clothe so it won't slip, very helpful. It was makes it easy to use up that list bit of it when it's really small. Too

2. hmm, probably @MickeytheGreat, @Konata, or @Chrono_Cross.

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1. Body wash :3
2. Probably: clay, bezerker, Chrono, Fonist I'm not sure

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1. Bar of Soap
2. Yeah, I'm not sure either... I wouldn't know what to talk about...

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1. Soap, because it's cheaper and lasts longer, but body wash would be easier...

2. I'm technically already a Penpal with two people from NL...if you consider PMing on Backloggery a "penpal"...

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undead_terror wrote:

1.Bar of soap.
2.Seems like another "who is your favorite nlife user question" and to be honest I know exactly who I would want to be pen pals with... @Konata

Awe thanks! You're my bestie too x3.

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1. Body Wash
2. Myself. Sorry, but I find myself very interesting (that and I'm pretty sure I'm a narcissist).

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1. Soap is too slippery. X( Body wash all day erryday.
2. Chrono

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