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1: K-pop is my weakness. (Especially the groups Infinite and SHINee.)
If I hear something new about my favorite groups, I will drop EVERYTHING to watch/read what's happening.
So I consider it my weakness as I cannot resist.

2: I was always jealous of my friend who had a lava lamp, but I still never got one.

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1. My crippling self-doubt.

2. Not anymore, but I had one back when I was in elementary/middle school. Blue liquid with green blobs, if memory serves me right.

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1. I'm actually not sure if it was spelled "weekness" on purpose, but my worst weakness is probably my inability to not pet any cat no matter what.

2. Ah, noooo... Does one in Animal Crossing count?

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1. Overestimating things

2. no

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1. My most major weakness lately has to be that I get too attached to people, on an obsessive level. I love all my friends, like actually love them. I get really sad whenever I'm not around them or they don't show up at school. It's definitely something I need to work on.

2. I used to have one :3

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1) Pokemon. I can't resist those pocket monsters. There's always at least one Pokemon related item around/on me, even if it's a keychain on my keys or the custom Pokemon icons on my MacBook Pro.

2) Funny thing is I have one with blue liquid and yellow wax on my desk but I haven't turn it on in over 3 years. Still work though (I think).

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FonistofCruxis wrote:

1. I'm shy, socially awkward and lack confidence.
2. No, I don't.

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I'm not as social as I would like to be.

No, never have and have no plans to right now.

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Everyone is socially shy yet they chat their hearts out here!, thank god for computers!

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1: Let's just say it's something that cannot be mentioned on these forums.

2: I have had one at least once or twice, but they never lasted long.


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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

undead_terror wrote:

Everyone is socially shy yet they chat their hearts out here!, thank god for computers!

I'm guessing it's just the lack of confrontation on the internet.

Not being confronted with another person does make it easier. Also, I feel that I can be myself on the internet without having to worry so much about what others would think but I sometimes I do worry about what others will think IRL. Also, you have more time to think of a response so you're less likely to say something you regret and if you do, you can edit or delete your comment.


1. last week
2. Yes, with real lava

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