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1. I was in middle school when I stole my Classmate's Notebook out of spite after he put tacks on my seat. I still have it stored somewhere after all these years.

2. Now that you mention it, I used to have a tree full of fire ants and I remembered I used to capture them with a molten Marshmallow, burnt them into crisps and then caught more to repeat my sadistic urges.

I clearly had issues as a kid.

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1.Let's see here...I've stolen a cellphone, a backpack, music, movies, games and some Yugioh cards from Toys 'R US.

2.Yes, makes things more interesting, i burn a couple of stuff mainly old letters and such.

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1. I have I admit that I have in the past accidentally kept something, and then once I realized I had it and I knew it belonged to someone else, I kept it intentionally. I don't do that anymore, mind you.

2. Um... maybe. I don't know if I could call myself a pyromaniac, but I do get excited when I light matches. If it's to light a candle, I might just observe it for a while and watch it burn the match before I get burned. It is kinda fun to watch the world things burn sometimes. :3

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Nope, never stolen anything ever.

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1. I think one time when I was younger at Kennedy Space Center I saw a bookmark I liked and grabbed it. I ended up returning it though :3 (after realizing I still had it back at the hotel)

2. Nope

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1. No, I'm a good boy
2. Yes, okay maybe not

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1. I've never intentionally stolen anything but I remember years ago when I went round my cousins house he was helping me with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) and I accidentally took home his cartridge rather than mine which I then lost. He never mentioned it though and he wasn't much further than me so I don't think he minded too much.
2. I haven't played with fire recently but I remember burning things we weren't supposed to when using Bunsen burners at secondary school like worksheets and rubbers and other stationery (my own stationery, not the schools).

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Question #418: What is your one major weekness?

Question #419: Do you own a lava lamp?

Kinda, bleh questions, but that's my mood so BLEH it shall be.

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1.I have no weakness im aware of unless it's being dead/body damage.
2.I own 2 lava lamps, one silver with green lava and one blue with peach lava, don't know where I put them to now.

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1. I'm very shy and socially awkward..

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1. I'm weak. To be specific, some would say I'm weak minded and I don't stand up for myself a lot. I don't see it much as a weakness, but whatever.

2. I don't.

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1). I cannot resist a good puzzle.
2). Yes, and I have a mini @LordJumpMad doll in it, and I watch him drown in the lava. :3
(Uh... I mean Action Figure! ...yeah...)

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1. Kryptonite
2. No but I would like one.



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