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I like any hair length. Right now my hair is past my noise, but I've easily saved over $100 by not cutting it. I also figure that there's no reason to cut it since it grows(besides maintaining), and it was better to have long hair in the winter time.

As for gum, I don't care much for it.


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Uh, no....

I cut it down to about half an inch once it grows down to my shoulders,

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Question #416: Have you ever stolen something?

Question #417: Do you like to play with fire?

I have to say almost to the first question haha I was super young though, and the second one yes. I am a Pyromaniac.

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1. I have accidentally stolen an ice cream when I was small, as I didn't know that my pizza place didn't accept arcade tokens. I also accidentally stolen a Santa hat from a grocery store this past winter when I forgot I even had the thing on D:

2. I sometimes like to play with small fireworks like Black Cats (like the ones from Home Alone when Kevin lights them up in a saucepan) :3

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1.With the exception of stealing candy when I was like three, no I have not stolen anything. I would feel way too guilty if I did such a thing..
2.Only if I'm certain that what I'm doing won't damage anything or hurt anyone..

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1. I am a self-confessed kleptomaniac, and I think I've mentioned that a few times before. Stuff I've accidentally taken include pens, PE uniforms, cutlery, video game cartridges and at one point even fifty dollars. I've always returned the items though, and it's gotten me into some awkward and hilarious situations

2. Not really. A couple of my friends used to, and I just sat around with some water in case anything happened.

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Wow interesting questions...

So yeah honestly most of my thefts have been mistakes like walking out of somewhere with one of their pens is the biggest one for me. For some reason once I am done with a pen I pocket it even if its not mine and dont realize it.

As for playing with fire, I will admit I enjoy playing with it but you have to also respect it, pretty much like a living being so I only really play with it when I can control it.

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1. Can't think of anything. I've probably had some accident that people have mentioned though.

2. Of course! Within reason which isn't means nothing crazy. (Ya know, spraying a lighter with axe deodorant crazy)

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1. No
2. I bought Little Inferno, so what do you think?

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2. Yes.

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1. Knowing my klepto/psychomaniac impulses, probably. Must've been something small though.

2. Kerosene and rubbing alcohol makes for a killer blaze. Sadly, I've never tried.

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1: I stole my brothers pokemon Ruby cart when I was little and I went under my bed and played it all night long so I could beat it without having to save over his file. It worked for like, three days. Then he found out .
2: I love burning trees. Just seeing them whither and die makes me smile.
(The real answer is no, I don't find it particularly fun x3.)

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1. as far as i can recall, only on accident, like the mentioned pens.

2. not myself. but my caitie, from the age of about 7, always asked for a flame thrower every christmas/birthday. she was serious, too, and a bit disappointed one never showed up. never asked why she wanted one; sometimes it is better to not know.

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1. I was in middle school when I stole my Classmate's Notebook out of spite after he put tacks on my seat. I still have it stored somewhere after all these years.

2. Now that you mention it, I used to have a tree full of fire ants and I remembered I used to capture them with a molten Marshmallow, burnt them into crisps and then caught more to repeat my sadistic urges.

I clearly had issues as a kid.

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1.Let's see here...I've stolen a cellphone, a backpack, music, movies, games and some Yugioh cards from Toys 'R US.

2.Yes, makes things more interesting, i burn a couple of stuff mainly old letters and such.

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1. I have I admit that I have in the past accidentally kept something, and then once I realized I had it and I knew it belonged to someone else, I kept it intentionally. I don't do that anymore, mind you.

2. Um... maybe. I don't know if I could call myself a pyromaniac, but I do get excited when I light matches. If it's to light a candle, I might just observe it for a while and watch it burn the match before I get burned. It is kinda fun to watch the world things burn sometimes. :3

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