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I once thought I was chewing gum while it was really Mentos... so that's kind of the same thing right?

And I've had my hair cut the exact same way for nearly ten years now. It's just not something I really care about.

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1. Nope, must be cheap gum if it does that though.

2. I prefer mine long, but not too long. I like being able to comb and style it since I have pretty nice, thick hair, but it also grows pretty fast so I need to get it cut every month and a half.

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1.No I'm not a Gum person.


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I rarely have gum and ever time I have it it's just chewy....but I did get a lighter once and melted my gum, tasted pretty good.
I prefer short hair but then again I say around medium hair (not too short or too long) looks good on me.

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1. No but I was able to make it slushy at one point.
2. I prefer to have my hair stay short with a barber's cut. I grew my hair shaggy years back and it felt like a hassle to maintain everyday.

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1. Nope usually if anything the gum gets hard and all the flavor is gone so I toss it. I did however have gum that had liquid in the middle of it if that counts.

2. I usually have my hair long at least just below my shoulders so I can tie it back. But than again it all depends on my mood. I have been known to have long hair for years (in high school it was almost down to my butt), and than all of a sudden cut it short like just above my shoulders.

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Banker-Style wrote:

1.No I'm not a Gum person.

2. I once tried having long hair, not down to my shoulders but fairly long for a guy. I liked the feel of it being blown about in the wind and I'll admit JRPG and anime characters kind of influenced it. Sadly, It didn't look good on me so now I just have it at a medium length.

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1. Wait... That can happen!? That's never happened to me.

2. Usually my hair at its longest length is an inch or two above my shoulder. I don't exactly prefer it to be longer, as eventually it gets in my eyes. But I think it does look better on me than short hair. I just have to make sure it gets cut right, since my hair grows pretty fast.

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1. No

2. I like my hair long and wavey sorta :3

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1: Almost, ALMOST. But not totally liquid.
2: As a female, I like my hair longer. But It always hurts my back when my hair gets to long, as my hair is really heavy.
So I usually stick to mid lengths. (To my neck.)

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1. Short hair, average for a male really.
2. No, the idea is new to me even. It's never happened or come up so I've never had a single thought about it before you asked.

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... Don't believe that's possible.
And short hair. As a child I had my hair covering my ears, but I get some nasty dandruff when it's long and I'm not willing to spend expansive amounts of time grooming my hair, I'd rather just have it short.

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1. I've never seen that happen but boy...

2. I prefer short hair but I've let my hair grow into an afro a few times.

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2.)Long just enough so it completely covers my ears.And i have been told (and personally think) I look better with long hair. Also what Fonist said

FonistofCruxis wrote:

I liked how the feel of it being blown about in the wind and I'll admit JRPG and anime characters kind of influenced it.

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1. Err, no.
2. I've had it at various lengths. I don't like long hair though. It gets in your eyes. x( I guess I have it at around medium length right now...?

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1. Maybe? It was able to run through my teeth but it wasn't really liquid.

2. As an angsty teenager, long hair. Asian mophead ftw.

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1: No, I don't even like gum. The fact that you can't actually eat it made the stuff rather pointless to me.

2: Semi short. I'd prefer to have it longer, but my family always bugs me to get it cut once it starts getting what they deem as too long. At its longest before being cut my hair covers my ears (unless I tuck the hair behind them) and almost reaches my eyes, which is about the length I like most.


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