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Who hasn't tried lol. Over never solved one. If I did I would probably never solve that rubix cube again because I wouldn't want to mess up my marvelous achievement.



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Thomas Edison. Just imagine what he could invent now. Or, on the other hand, it's possible whatever he would invent would already be invented...

As far as I know, Thomas Edison didn't actually invent anything...except maybe the R&D department.

True... well, more like he improved upon a lot of things. He did invent some stuff, like the Phonograph, but he made, for instance, the lightbulb, practical.

Forgot about the Phonograph. And while Edison is still deserving of credit for improving the lightbulb, it was technically Menlo Park that really did the tests and everything, just under his direction. I'm not trying to undermine what he did, I'm just saying, bringing back just edison might not be as helpful as one might think, since we don't know exactly how much the rest of his team contributed to his inventions. Of course, the best way to find out would be to bring him to our time. Really, I'm not even disagreeing with you anymore, so much as I'm offering a bit of information.

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Now there is no puzzle.


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A cousin of my can solve it with ease.

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Someone at my school can solve it insanely fast. I've never completed though.

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I can solve one.My fastest time was about 3 min. But now it might take me 5 to 20 min. because i haven't solved one in a while.

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I've solved one, with the help of a booklet

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I've only solved it once, when I had nothing better to do.
Never been able to do it again x3.

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Tried many times, never successful. D:

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Attempted - Yes
Solved - Only by sticker peel

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I've de constructed one before. Never got it back together though.

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Wait, actually, I did complete one once, by tearing it apart and pitting it back together correctly. :3

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If at first you don't succeed, ragequit.
Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.
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No but there was one that one of my teachers had. Whenever someone got close to solving and walked away I'd mess it up again. >:3

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