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I won $25 once when my mom gave me one, I was so happy, but then we ended up buying pizza with it. ._.

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Well the only thing Lottery related I played was the scratchers and the only thing I won was another ticket.

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I once won twenty dollars. The ticket costs 10. As for the 10 dollar profit, I spent it on another lottery ticket. And didn't win.

Ho hum.

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None. I'm too young to enter my state's lottery

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I did the lotto for a bit. Won nothing the first two times, then £2, then £5, then £10 or so, then I stopped. Haven't really done the lottery since in a long time.

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I was given a £10 lottery card on my 16th birthday, if that counts.

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Jaz007 wrote:

Metal_Sonic wrote:

Nothing. I don't gamble with my money..

I don't think the lottery is a gamble, really. It's a lottery. It costs small change.

But, I don't bother with the lottery either. Poker and Sports betting is where the fun's at.

Back on topic though. I remember the time, with my dads lottery ticket (15 odd years ago) when we matched the first 4 numbers that were drawn. Was exciting for a moment.



A grand total of $0.00

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TheKingOfTown wrote:

A grand total of $0.00

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RedPanda wrote:

TheKingOfTown wrote:

A grand total of $0.00

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Konata wrote:

Sensei_PikPik wrote:

None. I'm too young to enter my state's lottery

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@mariobro4 It's actually pretty hard to get exactly $0. Odds are you spent at least $1, and now you have won -$1

My SD Card with the game on it is just as physical as your cartridge with the game on it.
I love Nintendo, that's why I criticize them so harshly.


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