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CanisWolfred wrote:

No. I don't want to write down personal stuff where there's a chance others might read them.

This but I often do think about what happened in the day at the end of it or sometimes at the start of a day I'll think about the previous day.


When I was 12/13 I had a notebook and I put whatever came into my mind there. Then my grandmother read it. Never again will I write a journal (plus 13 year old boys have really strange thoughts)

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I mean I've thought about it, but there's nothing interesting about my life to write about.

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No, I used to but I got tired of it and I never kept up. Eventually it just felt pointless and I stopped. Nothing interesting really happens day to day, anyways. I've kept a dream journal before, if that counts. I figured that would be something interesting to do over this past summer.

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Well, my family keeps a family journal and I have things on there sometimes...

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nope. writing things that you want to remember is bad for the memory and it is time consuming. but it would be cool...

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When I was about 7 or 8 I did, but then I got lazy and quit writing in it.. The only two things I wrote about was the 9/11 attacks and baseball..

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Not necessarily a diary, but I do express my thoughts through drawings in a sketchbook I always carry around in my backpack.

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Yes, I used to write almost every week but now I write time to time. Haven't written in months, though, because my hand cramps after homework.
It's a great thing to have, though. It's a great way to practice your writing skills and deal with personal problems. (At least, it helped me)
I'm hoping to keep a digital diary soon.

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No, I don't like to write.

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@Retro, buy one of those small notepad things! :3

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When my sanity lowers to a certain point, I'll chronicle my descent into madness, but as of now, no desire to.

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