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Depends on the artist. As of now, I have every album I'd ever want. Unless, of course, someone resurrects Freddy Mercury.

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What is a buy? :o
Seriously though, at least as long as i can't legally get lossless quality downloads anywhere it's CD's all the way.

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I usually just listen to any music on YouTube, but if there is an artist I particularly want to support I will buy and download some of their songs.

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All three.

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But physical form from Amazon and then get the digital version on their cloud player for free.

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I pretty much listen to songs through Microsoft's Zune/Xbox subscription service. Here and then, I'll buy songs from iTunes.

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pixelman wrote:

All three.

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For me, YouTube makes buying music obsolete. :P

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For albums, it's if it's an album that I really like, it feels better to have it physically. Or if I'm on my way to Best Buy and I can get an album I want for the same price as on iTunes. Sometimes I use iTunes, merely for ease and quickness, and sometimes it's cheaper. Anything video game related, however, I get from Youtube.

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@rayword I explained my whole "collection" I guess of Music in the post, I post more than just the question you know ;) Feel free to read and maybe reply to it too, haha. But yeah, if you don't wanna go back and read, Green Day I'm listening to a lot, usually I'll listen to an album, regardless of knowing any songs (this goes with any artist, not just Green Day) and I'll just kinda listen to it, and then listen to it again and again and I eventually just end up getting to know all the songs and which ones I like more than others. I honestly think if you were to listen to an actual song, you could say you hated it at first, but if you listened to it a lot I find it just kind of grows on you.

ANYWAYS, Question Time! I mean, that's what most of you are here for, I'm sure I could go a whole week without posting a question in this post, and just updating the title and no one would notice. ;)

Question #391: Do you play any Trading Card Games?

On another note, almost 400 questions, gotta start thinking of something kinda special now, maybe another poem, the first one seemed to go pretty well.

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I do. Quite a few of the online ones on my iPad. And occasionally Magic the Gathering.

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I used to like the Pokemanz.
But I stopped a while ago.

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Nope. I used to collect Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but never knew how to play either game..

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It was an awesome, understandable, simple card game with many rewards for collectors (like me). Monsters had abilities, and weapons were the attack methods. There wasn't complicated crap like energy cards (Pokemon) or whatever Yu-Gi-Oh uses. I loved it, as it was both pick-up-and-play and had much depth to it as well. Then, it just stopped one day.

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I collected Pokemon cards, but never played the game, however, I played Yu-Gi-Oh to death in elementary school. I remember when I was first learning how to play the game, my frie..........I mean, fellow duelists were cheating, summoning monsters that they couldn't in one turn, and they always used to beat me, well soon after, I learned how to play and caught on to the cheaters, so then I felt like my millennium puzzle activated and I then beat them all, I was such a respected duelist soon after. I also remember asking the teacher to go to the bathroom, and when I was allowed (sometimes they don't let you) then I would secretly grab my brief case of cards and take it to the bathroom to trade with other people (And the best part was that I never got caught). But when we all made it to middle school, everyone then stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh, they all sold their cards and got "girl friends" instead, but for me, I kept my cards somewhere and played the DS games, I never really wanted it to end, but alas, everyone wanted it to end.

Well, that's my story of Yu-Gi-Oh I suppose, I have so many stories to tell, but then i'll be writing a book if I did that, also yeah, I did beat somebody with a Kuriboh, that'll teach them all never to cheat with me at Yu-Gi-Oh >:P

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I have played pokemon trading cards and never followed the offical rules of the games to my little brother. The only trading cards i play now is the AR ones.

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I play Magic The Gathering. I started playing in my senior year of high school and found it to be quite fun.
It's a great social activity. Some people spend a ton of money on MTG but I try not to go overboard.


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I used to collect Pokemon Cards,Until The 5th Gen Came. NO GEN (not even The 6th Gen) COULD BE AS BADASS AS THE 1ST 2ND 3RD AND 4TH GENS.

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I collected the Pokémon cards, but that's about it. Honestly I never liked playing with the cards, just collecting them.

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I collect all sorts of cards. I rarely play any Trading Card games though as none of my IRL friends like to play them. Here are some Nintendo e-Reader "Animal Crossing: Population Growing" cards I have.


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