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I briefly played the Pokemon trading card game when I was younger and later got into Yu-Gu-Oh and played that for a while. The first time we went to Florida we went to a shop with a vending machine with Yu-Gi-Oh cards in it and one of them had the entirety of Exodia on one card so I excitedly bought that. However, I couldn't find any pics of it on the internet so maybe it was fake. I also played the Doctor Who: Battles in time game when I was for a while but haven't played any card games in years now.


I collected Pokemon Cards when I was a kid, but never played them. Got a bunch of first generation cards from some kid who didn't want them anymore once, That was a very good day
Tried to play Pokemon TGC Online a while back, but couldn't really get into it...

Also got a single booster pack of YuGiOh cards once cause that was the cool thing to do at the time, but the time I got to school it was unpopular. Still watched the show, which in retrospect is garbage.

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I used to play Yu Gi Oh but nobody plays them now IRL. So i have nobody to duel with besides my brother now(He never wants to though)

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I used to have a ton of Pokemon Cards but I don't know if they're even in my house anymore. I also had a couple of Digimon cards which (while I can't be bothered to check) are probably gathering dust under my bed. Never played the Pokemon TCG, just collected the cards.

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I used to collect Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto. There are a few more but I've forgotten them because it must have been that I didn't use them for long.

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I used to collect Pokemon cards in the Ruby + Sapphire era, but that was it.

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I was never really into trading cards.

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Wow...why do so many people collect the Pokemon TCG cards when you don't play the game? I mean, I did, too, way back when, but I can't for the life of my figure out why...

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I still have a bunch of those Pokemon cards - I attended a tournament with a really random deck a few years ago, and since the game is pretty luck-based I won 2/5 times and got some neat free stuff! And then I stopped playing, so I have a pile of cards somewhere in my house. It always annoyed me that certain sets would go out of date and become unusable in tournaments :/

I know a lot of people who play Magic, but I've never been able to get into it. There are so many card effects that it feels like I'm taking a vocabulary lesson whenever I play

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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

I used to play Yu Gi Oh but nobody plays them now IRL. So i have nobody to duel with besides my brother now(He never wants to though)

We should switch places. Every other person I know still plays it but I'm just not that into it.

Speaking of Digimon TGC, I use to have some of those cards too. I think I played for a little but I only ever played with my brother,


I play Cardfight Vanguard. I switched to it from Yu-gi-oh because I found Yu-gi-oh frustrating and no longer fun, and Vanguard replicated the excitement of playing that I used to feel for Yu-gi-oh. I must say that Vanguard is the best TCG I've ever played, though Weiss Schwarz is getting an english release and I've yet to try it.

I used to play (and still have the cards of):
-Duel Masters
-Bakugan (kind of counts)
-The Simpsons TCG
-Magic (barely cared to get into it, though)


I use to play Magic The Gathering back in high school which was the mid 90's. In fact all my MtG cards are 4th edition and below, lol. I stopped playing cause life got in the way and havent picked it up since. Now I am not so inclined due to the internet. Now any player can just look up on the net how to build a deck or purchase certain cards they want from online sites and such so it really throws off the randomness in my eyes. That and I totally dont remember how to play.

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I play yu-gi-oh! in my spare time. I'm thinking about getting into cardfight vangaurd! It looks fun enough when I watch the anime. My school has a strategy club so, its not that I'll have no one to play with.


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I have a few Cardfight!! Vanguard cards, and a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. 1 have one friend who plays Cardfight, and only a handful still play Yu-Gi-Oh.

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On motorcycles, no. Pokemon is the only one that I have ever played.

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Pokemon cards on and off. I would collect and play hardcore for a few months, stop completely for a few more months, and then repeat the cycle. Been that way for 7 years.

FYI before the 7 years, I just collected and never played.

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ALRIGHT, sorry about that long wait, most nights I've visited the thread but then did something else and later closed it forgetting to update. Also like I said Spring Break REALLY got in the way, all my schedules were jumbled up, but NOW it's the first weekend (a long one at that) so I'll continue updating daily. Sorry for the inconvenience (if there really was, any lol).

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