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Generally, the only times I listen to music is when it's in a video game I'm playing or in a movie I'm watching.
Other than that, it's probably christmas music being played from an (Specificly, my sister's) iPod.

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Nobody buys CDs anymore. No one wants to pay $15 plus tax for an album just so they can listen to one hit single. Everyone is much happier paying $1 for each song they actually want.

I buy CD's still, but difference is I usually spend $15 for all the songs and not just 1.

Same here. I buy tons of CDs and I can always appreciate albums as an entire experience. And "filler" songs are not necessarily a bad thing. A great band or musician can produce an album with equally great filler songs. Many of my favorite songs of all time have never had any radio play. And I'm not even talking about obscure indie bands or anything. Sometimes I wish I were a DJ on the radio so I could play all of the overlooked and underrated tracks. That's one reason that satellite radio is so good; you get to here a lot of rare tracks and b-sides.


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By filler tracks, I meant actual filler tracks. Not B-Sides or even general non-single songs.

I'd argue these would qualify as only filler, and saying otherwise is really sketchy/pretentious in my opinion

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Ah okay, I see what you are talking about now. Still, I wouldn't say a majority of albums have that type of filler song or segue. And even for albums that do, that's still only like 1 or maybe 2 songs out of 10-15. There are plenty of albums I own where I can honestly say that every track is enjoyable. And I'm not a pretentious music hipster or anything of the sort.


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A mix. I tend to buy individual songs on iTunes, but I get a lot of my music through free (legal) downloads I find through blogs, along with free samplers (I'm working though NPR's massive SXSW one atm), and I also request albums (in the form of CDs) through my library system for a bunch of albums.

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Digital downloads. I've never bought a CD in my life and I have so much music on my IPod now that I don't listen to much music on Youtube anymore. I've also never used a streaming service.

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I download my music and use a combination of Xbox music and Google music.


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I usually just listen to it via online streaming, or buy CDs.

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Depends on the artist. As of now, I have every album I'd ever want. Unless, of course, someone resurrects Freddy Mercury.

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What is a buy?
Seriously though, at least as long as i can't legally get lossless quality downloads anywhere it's CD's all the way.

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I usually just listen to any music on YouTube, but if there is an artist I particularly want to support I will buy and download some of their songs.

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But physical form from Amazon and then get the digital version on their cloud player for free.

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I pretty much listen to songs through Microsoft's Zune/Xbox subscription service. Here and then, I'll buy songs from iTunes.

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For me, YouTube makes buying music obsolete.

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For albums, it's if it's an album that I really like, it feels better to have it physically. Or if I'm on my way to Best Buy and I can get an album I want for the same price as on iTunes. Sometimes I use iTunes, merely for ease and quickness, and sometimes it's cheaper. Anything video game related, however, I get from Youtube.

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