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Does a steampunk-world count?

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Yes i can survive in a world without electricity.



Kinda. If I was thrown in a world without electricity now, it would take some getting used to. If I was born in that world, I'd be fine.
So yeah, I think I'd be OK. I would do better as long as I was unaware of it, if that makes any sense.

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Do I think I could survive?
I don't know.
But as long as there were puzzles, I'd be entertained.

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I'd adapt eventually, I suppose... I guess... I mean, I guess.


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I'd probably adapt after a long, protracted struggle in coming to terms with electricity not coming back and adjusting my life accordingly, but I think I'd make it. Maybe.

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As with what most are answering, I will most likely adapt after letting go of the many conveniences that Electricity has brought to us. I can see life getting a bit dull yet simple if that were to happen.

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Maybe. Life would be incredibly boring without electricity and it would be very hard to adapt to life without all the conveniences and luxuries that electricity brings.


I'm a pro at just sitting around and thinking, so probably. Eventually I might snap and go on a violent rampage shooting lasers from my eyes, but otherwise, yeah, I'll be fine. :3

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Well, if there was no electricity I would be extremely bored...
And my family and I would just sit around the table playing Monopoly instead of going on the computer,watching TV etc.

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Considering how much the world runs on electricity and uses it for everything, I'm not sure. I think could survive the disaster.
But taking the question how you meant it and not literally. It would be a really hard transition but I would adapt.

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Well, if we never had electricity all together, then I'm sure I could live without it as I would have no clue what it is. Now, if we suddenly lost our electricity, then I would feel major withdrawals..

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Had we never had electricity, animal and plants would supply us with food, drink, clothing, furniture, shelter and other miscellaneous items such as blankets and condoms. Thus, I think we could easily survive had we never known about.

If we suddenly lost electricity, the above applies again.

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