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Well, if we never had electricity all together, then I'm sure I could live without it as I would have no clue what it is. Now, if we suddenly lost our electricity, then I would feel major withdrawals..

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Had we never had electricity, animal and plants would supply us with food, drink, clothing, furniture, shelter and other miscellaneous items such as blankets and condoms. Thus, I think we could easily survive had we never known about.

If we suddenly lost electricity, the above applies again.

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Yep,but I can think of many people who coulnd't

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If I lived in a world where myself, and others were adapted to electricity's convenience, yes.

If I wasn't exposed to electricity's convenience, yes.

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Goodness no. I can barely take care of my socks, never mind myself.



I could definitely survive without electricity but I'd probably cry for a bit after my laptop, 3DS, my phone, my father's iPad and my brother's PSP die.

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Question #383: Is your room clean?

Lol, kinda wierd question.

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This will be such a good time to use a Fred Rechid reference.

Fred Rechid goes to his room and see's his favorite fryers, so he walks over to the fryer and points his finger and says, "Rev up those fryers, cause i'm sure hungry for some..." Fred then slips on jellyfish jelly from a jellyfish patty that he was eating, but he let some of the jelly fall on the ground because I don't know , "Help, Help" Fred then fall's on the ground, "MY LEG!!!" Fred then hits the floor with his other stuff from his other adventures and breaks his leg, (he broke his leg while falling)

So I hope this explains what my answer is, because if one of you questions any of this..............

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At home, yes, mostly because I'm barely ever there.
At university, definitely no.

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It's clean enough.

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