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87-100+ leaning more on the higher years.

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60. But it depends on the person and situation.

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trust me on this one: it takes ballz to get old in america.

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75. I imagine most people accomplish their goals and experience life before then. After that point it's mostly being cared for by other people unless they're in perfect youthful health.

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i am 62; my husband is 83. we've been married 30 years. we've survived the death of our daughter (many marriages do not make it thru that).

he suffered a TIA (mini stroke) on 17 Feb. he was a week in hospital and is now in a rehab facility. there wasn't much damage other than a residual weakness in his legs, which PT is helping him with. i get to visit anytime i want. his attitude is good. after the aphasia passed, he is communicating well. he does not have dementia, something i am forever grateful for. he should be home in another 10 days or so.

he may not make much difference to the world as a whole any longer, but he makes a difference to my world. who is to say what is a life well lived? who is to say what value any person has without knowing them?

as i said earlier: it takes ballz to get old in america.

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Depends how long you are able to take care of yourself, I have no wish to end up in a care home, rather take a one way trip to Switzerland in all honesty, might sound a bit heavy but the alternative actually sounds worse to me.



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Question #381: Do you like Dubstep? Why or why not?

Personally Idc for it too much, but some parts are cool and whatnot; used to listen to it at a friends house.

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No. I don't like much music, dubstep included.

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The majority of it is just awful, but there's a small amount which is really freaking good.

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I like a lot of electronic music, but I don't care for dubstep, ESPECIALLY Skrillex.



I like the idea of dubstep as a genre in an entire spectrum of electronic music. I would never consider just listening to nothing but dubstep for an hour though.

Plus, it seems that a lot of people get the term "dubstep" wrong and just attribute it to any heavy electronica. But I'll spare the qotd thread from whining about generic conventions

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Nope. I enjoy a lot of experimental electronic stuff that can have dubstep influences (Andy Stott, Gold Panda, etc.), but I really don't like it as a genre. It's way too maximalist and in-your-face in a bad way for my tastes, and if it's created using Ableton software, easily the most music I have ever listened to. I think I could fall asleep more easily to Deadmouse5 (or whatever that Canadian's called) that join in a dance/mosh pit at one of his shows. I'll leave you with this quote from James Blake, a British post-dubstep-ish artist, with his thoughts on the American dubstep scene (that I agree with):

"I think the dubstep that has come over to the US, and certain producers-- who I can't even be bothered naming-- have definitely hit upon a sort of frat-boy market where there's this macho-ism being reflected in the sounds and the way the music makes you feel. And to me, that is a million miles away from where dubstep started. It's a million miles away from the ethos of it. It's been influenced so much by electro and rave, into who can make the dirtiest, filthiest bass sound, almost like a p****** competition, and that's not really necessary. And I just think that largely that is not going to appeal to women. I find that whole side of things to be pretty frustrating, because that is a direct misrepresentation of the sound as far as I'm concerned."

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