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Sadly, no.

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Nope. I'm too lazy to do so, and since I don't browse on a personal computer, I'm not gonna try it out and freak out my parents doing so.

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@The_Fox Idk, looking up I have some wierd Shaw ad on right now

Question #380: How old do you personally think is a nice, long lived life?

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I say 25, after that, your pretty much old, and ready to die.

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When you're in your 80s at least.



A nice long lived life depends on how well one intends to make something out of his life. You can die a hero or you can live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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87-100+ leaning more on the higher years.

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60. But it depends on the person and situation.

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trust me on this one: it takes ballz to get old in america.

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75. I imagine most people accomplish their goals and experience life before then. After that point it's mostly being cared for by other people unless they're in perfect youthful health.

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