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Yeah, I have always used Adblock. I have it disabled on NintendoLife though.


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i do, but only because most ads seriously lock my little netbook up to the point where it's unusable. I do turn it off for select sites that i specifically want to support via ad revenue (like NL), though.

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future of NL >:3
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My brother uses it, and he keeps telling me I should use it. I just don't like using it.

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On everything but sites that I visit frequently. Speaking of ads, does anyone else find it odd that there's an ad on NL talking about the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank weapon? Not sure what algorithm your ad supplier uses to decide what ads to place but that seems to be an especially odd choice.

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Always use Adblock.

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Yes I do with few exceptions including Nintendo Life. I hate ads, especially when they play sounds whenever your cursor is on top of them.

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Yep, but I exempt sites I use often like nl.



Yes because a certain website takes 4 minutes to load due to ads... (Not NL.) >_>

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Can't say I've ever used it, except to block ads that say not to block ads.

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