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I like the interaction between the game and the player. I mean anyone can write a good story, or compose some epic music, but tying it with the game is something that really take effort.

This is one of the reasons why Majora's Mask is my favourite game of all time. The story, the NPC's, the environments. They were all great on their own, but what really impresses is me is how the game uses it's "three day cycle" to let you interact with them in lot's of different ways.

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The story is the most important part for me. A game should be made around a story and not like this; "we need a new game let's create a story" those are flops most of the times... Games with a story are also the games that you remember I also love it when there's good music in a game. it can give the game a certain mood like exciting, sad or creepy... and there's the overworld that's also pretty important, bigger is better, magic is always good, different areas and interesting villages and now i think of it, this is probably the reason why i like the legend of Zelda and final fantasy so much

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Can I be a snobby Film Studies student and say the mis en scene?

For my actual answer, I'll say Level Design and Pacing. These things make me feel like a game is planned out and something more than a manufactured product, because they're both intricately tailored towards the player's wants and expectations. Not that I'm saying all games should have super awesome level design because I want that, I'm just saying that I tend to enjoy and value well planned out games more.

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I think I like a little bit of everything. Clever level design, awesome music, nice looking environments, overall fun gameplay. Story is rarely that important to me though; after all, if I wanted a good story, I'd read a book/comic.

In some cases though, it seems that the music factor will being me back into playing the game. Just look at Brawl.

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Its all about the graphics

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Story for me. Maybe its cause I grew up during the NES era and the graphics didnt leave much to the imagination so alot of companies had to have a good story, for example RPGS. But yeah I dont care how bad the game's graphics are as long as it has an engrossing story I am a satisfied gamer. How else can I explain playing World of Warcraft all these years?

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Well... MOST important... story. However, music, graphics, and gameplay are all important to me. In fact, a lot of the reason I love Awakening. It has great graphics(for 3DS), AMAZING music, a clever story, a TON of replay value, and smart, fun gameplay. There really aren't too many other games I've played that are that great, so yeah, a balance of all elements for me, in a way.

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Music, music and music. I seriously don't think its possible to recreate what music can do for a videogame in any other way, just think how lame the Persona games would be without that awesome music.

Oh and story is definitely second.

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Aside from gameplay I would have to say the Atmosphere. Games that create unique atmospheres that bring their worlds to life is really what gets me attached to the game. The reason I like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and other games is just how the make you feel connected to the world in the game. The main reason I prefer Super Mario Galaxy 1 over 2 is the Comet Observatory and the dark space feel of the levels in the first game.

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Um, maybe graphics, but more specifically just straight up visual appeal. Like, I can always appreciate older games where the graphics aren't technically as good, but honestly any modern game with good, clean graphics is always intriguing. I'm not saying that in a game, better graphics > worse graphics, though. Nothing really hits home for me than more modern games with crisp pixels, like Mighty Switch Force or that new Epic Mickey game on 3DS. Sound and music certainly go a long way, too. Nothing that angers (and annoys) me more than repetitive music or games that use the same songs over and over.

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I love it when a game has a good, engaging story line so that's my choice. Sound would be a close second as a good soundtrack can often help to make a game more memorable.


An immersive atmosphere, gripping story and complex characters are all it takes to get me hooked on a game!

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Music. It makes it so much more immersive. A crappy story is passable, same with crappy graphics. Audiophiles can't go without a great soundtrack.

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Characters! Haha. If not, then I choose story.

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Visuals always get better, and those that try to blow your minds with visuals is now considered outdated. Most N64 games have that problem, as well as a few Gamecube games. So games with detail like Uncharted, and Tomb Raider, will be considered meh in 15 years.
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Story is the root of a game. You make garbage out of a story, you get negative fan reaction. Look at Mass Effect 3, Paper Mario Sticker Star and Metroid Other M for example. You get brilliance of a story, and you will be praised. Zero Escape, Professor Layton, and several Legend of Zelda games know that feeling.

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