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I read both. The title so I can find this thread and the your post after I click on the thread title.

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Depends on how clear the question is and the answers others have posted really.

Meowph, that's right!

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Well maybe I 'oughtta start posting more here in the posts. I've tried a lot of things, none of them seemed to catch on. Anyone remember that whole picture day thing and joke day, also that Zelda Madness stuff, yeah, "good" times. Also, little interesting thing, you'll probably be able to tell whether I've updated with my 3DS or not, depending if I type stuff here. Also, did you notice I still update the first post regarding what questions are over and whatnot, I doubt anyone reads that either lol. Also, hmm, maybe I should add an award soon, anyways... question time:

Question #375: Do you think you would make a good admin on NintendoLife? Why or why not?

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Talk about opening a can of worms. I look forward to seeing who believes they have the best intentions of the community in mind though; could be a good laugh.

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I would make a great dictator mod because I am ruthless just.


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Yeah,because I would help people when they needed it and all that.

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Chances are the people who say yes are just power-hungry. That's how it was back in the says of the DSi community.

Anyways, nope. This community is weird, there's a lack of noobishness, more a community made up of sarcastic mofos. Have no idea how to admin that.

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No, I don't have time to tell little kids what to do.

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I read that wrong.

But yeah, I don't really care.

But seriously, Emaan should a mod.

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I think I'd do a good job about it, but I'm probably not around here enough and on the larger threads to really keep everybody in line.

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I'd think I'd be perfect for the job, I have enough time on my hands to do that sort of work and I really want a job in video games, whether it be retail or stuff for websites like moderating or reporting stories, too bad I don't know anything about programming (and I''d have to go to journalism school), but I'm a person willing to learn. If TBD ever asks well there's always that.

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I'd rule with an iron fist and Ban all nay sayers.


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