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Playing Wii U alone...

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Wine for one

(and ni no kuni)


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I can't say on the site
okay I'll tell you, it's a............................ secret, it doesn't concern you mind your own business u_u

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Prol'y will go out and drink with friends and maybe find that special someone... who will buy the drinks for me.

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Maybe play/re-play something where the main character finds a spouse, like FE: Awakening, Sakura Wars, Harvest Moon or Dragon Quest V, so I can pretend like I'm not forever alone.

Or watch some movies that cheer me up, like The Princess Bride or Amélie.

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No girlfriend this time around so I'll just buy something nice for my one true love.....myself.

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Play Super Mario 64. U_U
And maybe watch The Nintendo Direct.

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Watch the Nintendo Direct, and then...nothing else.

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LuigiMan200 wrote:

I'll be at Uni studying... fun.



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For Valentine's Day this year:

I'll be going to school, giving four good friends of mine their valentines I made- which are paintings, and then watching the Nintendo Direct.

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Build up relationships in Fire Emblem.

And cry over my lack of emotion.

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