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3Dash wrote:

@SheldonRandoms Vid doesn't work, btw.

Here, check this out, this should work

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BaronRudydog wrote:

Since this is the interwebs, I'd have to go with Doctor Who as the first male companion to last more than 4 episodes.

This would probably be my choice too as Doctor Who is my favourite Program but there have been male companions that have lasted longer than that. Jamie (my favourite male companion) was in almost all the second Doctor episodes, Harry was with the fourth Doctor for quite a while and Turlough who was with the Fifth Doctor lasted longer and one of the most recent companions, Rory lasted longer than that.

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I would totally guest star in Downton Abbey.
(I was trying to think of something funny to go with that, but I can't.)

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I would go back in time and guest star in Seinfeld.



Batman:The Animated Series.

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I would love to be the worst part of a Community or Parks and Recreation episode.

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Question #367: In school I am/was the guy who <blank>?

Fill in the blank I suppose, or better, who were you?

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... Stayed quiet in a corner wondering if the school was real or if everything I saw around me was just a mentally conditioned world created by the goverment and I was really living a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Like in that movie.

Meowph, that's right!

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...sat in the corner drawing inside a little sketch book, either all alone or surrounded by people looking my drawings.


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....who spent time with the other socially awkward students, seriously for maybe a year or two there was two really obese guys in my group, they weren't my friends per se, but we liked talking about pokemon, video games etc. I only hung with these guys because my friends happened to have friends who happened to get along with these gigantic outcasts.
I hated the Jock-ish guys and the really social clique of girls in high school (who didn't??) but the one thing that didn't make them anything like you'd see in an American Teen movie, was that the fact at our school, only the students in their last year wear mufti (normal clothes) and everyone else has to wear uniform. I guess this was to prevent cliques from forming and help prevent bullying, while also making students look smart (in other words, uniform and boring)

Anyway, me personally? I was the nice, quiet person that worked at our tuck shop (cafeteria) sometimes and also one of those people that would never even think of spending lunch break on the school field, rather in the spare classroom or corridor with my friends talking about video games or playing DS. I liked doing that and nobody ever bothered me about it.

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I was the weird kid who never talked to anybody.

I was the kid who slept through class, yet always seemed to know the answers.

I was the guy who always seemed to have abilities, yet refused to join any sports or clubs.

I was the guy no one would leave the hell alone.

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The person who was always quiet and polite but only talked when it came to a classroom debate or groupwork. Did get along with most people and just stuck to my business but a few people liked what type of things I got into which we talked about for the past few years and did in our spare time out and in school.

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I was the one who used to hang outside the girls toilets.

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3Dash wrote:

I'm the guy that's homeschooled.

(insert witty signature here)

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NinFreak wrote:

3Dash wrote:

I'm the guy that's homeschooled.

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