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Now re-opened for business~!

Sorry about not contacting you sooner, just haven't been here much besides the news, been scrolling through some threads but that's about it. Thanks for re-opening this. I should be back for now. Here's today's question, from personal experiences this was fun but sucked.

Question #363: Have you ever had to wear a costume to promote a store or something regarding that?

That's partially what I have been up to, been job hunting a bit, that was a little sort of something I had to do.

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Question of the Day

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I'm so happy I never done that for a job I once had, another poor sap had to do it, and soon after quit, when he was told that will be his job.
Lucky for me, I had the easy work of dealing with money, and just show my pretty face.

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But to stay on-topic, nope

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Yep. Every summer for the past 5 or 6 years I've done a number of anime, comic and sci-fi conventions dressed as assorted characters to hand out promotional materials for various companies. If you've been one of those in the midwest or southwest odds are you've seen me and haven't realized it. And for the love of all that's decent, stop poking me there when you get your picture taken with me. You know what I'm talking about.

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Not as a job per se, but during my senior year in high school the principal made me dress as Santa Claus and deliver candy to my fellow students. He let me use a Santa suit he owned, but the funny thing was that he was a bit smaller than me. In the suit, he would have probably made for a convincing Santa; I looked like Santa in shorts and a tight jacket with a beard that wouldn't stay out of my mouth. I waddled around my high school campus, flinging candy at my peers and coughing out "HoHoHo!" whenever the fake beard would permit for the better part of three hours. The best part was walking into my electronics classroom where my electronics teacher was jokingly demonstrating how to cook a hot dog with just an electrical outlet, a couple of pieces of wire and a couple of metal forks (please don't try that at home). We had an awkward moment where we just stared at each other, trying desperately to comprehend what exactly we were looking at.

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Nope I never had to do that. Although my mom did years ago when she worked at McDonald's she had to wear a Grimace costume.

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(First time in this lovely thread, woo)

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yes. I was dressed as a banana for a produce market
(this took place in a nightmare, not in real life)

and i got a colorful aura, like i got neon guts

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Though my friend did had to wear sexy women's underwear to pro-mote Ann Summers next range of underwear.
Suffice to say,I didn't stand a chance with her.

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I've never worn a costume to advertise for something at a job, however I work at a Christian Family Resort in the summer called Camp-of-the-Woods is upstate New York, and I dress up like a clown (without the scary makeup) for the carnival every Monday night. I think it would be fun to dress up to advertise for a business though, and I hear, especially with how hot it is where I live, that it pays pretty well. lol

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No, and never.

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Not a store, but I did wear a Sumo Suit to attract customers to a car wash once.

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