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Radixxs wrote:

That poem made me feel like I was apart of something significant. And then reality kicked in.

lol'd IRL

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Question of the Day

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Am I the only one that cried a little when reading this poem ;__;



To answer your question probably Japan cause I like there culture and their history.

A big thank you Link997 or whatever it is you call yourself these days for creating this whole thing. Some of the questions were great some where lame, while others were just down right weird but in the end I think everyone had a good time.

Thanks again Link997.

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i was also gonna say japan but something kept me back from saying it
but i guess i rather be the ruler of the country i live in

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Umm I don't know if this could be possible, but maybe the thread could be open to all for edit, though I still would be the only one who could delete it, for obvious reasons But everyone could take turns asking a question, not me though heh, I've had a years worth of questions already! Enjoy the fun!

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Getting a Gold Mushroom on Rainbow Road is just asking to lose!
Question of the Day

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Ireland, because of leprechaun ninjas. Once you take a four-leaf clover star to the gullet, you're never the same.

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now really hm it'd be Italy, til that day have some bacon and have a wonderful day.

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My pick would obviously be Goldmeadow. Feel free to Google it if you like.

I haven't been posting in this thread for long, but I do so like it. I'd be happy to take the reins from you if you'd let me PL.

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Definitely would take over the USA, mainly because I live here.
Sad to see this thread go, I hope someone is chosen to take it over.

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I'd declare England an independent country, just to see the look on Alex Salmond's face.

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Already got Australia. Maybe GagaLand


It's like, I just love a cowboy
You know
I'm just like, I just, I know, it's bad
But I'm just like
Can I just like, hang off the back of your horse
And can you go a little faster?!


Romania. Because i couldn't possibly make it suck blood even more.
Or Japan and force them all to only make games in English.

@Link977: Thank you for creating this thread and asking questions every day. It has grown into a place with loads of good fun that just couldn't be had anywhere else and it was one of the two Topics i checked out ... well ... about every day. It was a really good time.

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The whole of Antarctica because I can harness the combine forces of the Penguins, Orcas and Seals to do my bidding. And why stop there when I can use my newfound army to take over the planet?

@Link977 Thanks alot for this thread. Well, nothing more to say than hope for the best.

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I'd be the King of France.... Wait, NO! <covers his neck>
Maybe my own country? Eck no.... What about the country to the north? Pffffffft.
Supreme ruler of the World. Yeah that's nicer.

Wait, I know, I'll totally be Mayor of my own Animal Village later this year. Much better.

Congratulations <insert color here>link! I think you made the longest forum game ever! And you managed to keep it clean too!
Maybe someone else will steal your idea now?

Meowph, that's right!

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The planet.

or Japan. or america (So I can make Microsoft go out of business >:] )

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This is just for you, QotD thread:

"The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."

-President John Adams

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What? This is ending? You never know what you have until it is gone. Thank you @Link977 for the poem and sticking with a thread for over a year.

As for the question: I would chose France, so i could have all the french food I wanted.

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