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I only write in cursive, I find it to be much faster then print

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Print. I mean really....2nd grade was the only time I ever had to really write in cursive (besides signing my name in the real-world on forms and documents) and everyone else's cursive I read is illegible, and mine is no different.
So why make it harder on others?

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rudydog13 wrote:

print. it is way faster. and easier. and easier.

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i've got a weird half-cursive, half-print style of handwriting that kinda comes from me not really bringing my pen or pencil high enough off the paper between letters. i'm not consciously attempting to write in cursive, though, if that's what you're asking.

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When I was in first grade but now I write in print.

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What tbd said. I've got a kind of smooth, fluid print that isn't impossible to read — like cursive is.



Print (plain) write.

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I only use cursive in my signature. After learning it years ago, it became unnecessary after the lengthy and boring lessons.


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both, but mostly in cursive, its SO MUCH EASIER... I'm like the only one in my grade... D:

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Print. I learned cursive in 2nd grade, forgot it, had to use it in 10th grade English, and forgot it. So print. Always print.

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I call it scribbling, because if I don't make a conscious effort it looks terrible. But it is most definitely not cursive.

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