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It has been a long time since I've needed to write regularly. I write in print, all caps to be exact, with bigger caps where upper case should be and smaller caps where lower case should be. I do this all really quickly, so sometimes it'll looks like there will be letter transitions like in cursive writing, but it's mostly unintentional. I've never had complaints about the way I write as it is more legible than most cursive writing and have had the occasional compliments over the years that it looks like graffiti. My signature is an unintelligible bunch of loops, swiggles, and swirls.

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I'm such a bad influence on my kids. One is learning cursive in school and the other has to use cursive.



Always cursive. Unless someone else needs to read it in which case I kinda have to print. My handwriting is terrible

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Outside of my signature I honestly don't even remember how to write in cursive anymore. The second I finished grade school it became completely pointless as everything I had to write was typed up. Hell I even type my grocery list into my phone. O.O

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Printing, but I do my signature in cursive. A few years ago, I was taking an SAT test, for fun, on a Saturday when I was in the 7th grade and when I (and everyone else there also taking the test) had to copy some agreement in cursive, and for some of us (or at least me) that was one of if not the hardest part of the test. My twin sister (who actually does write in cursive) has actually had a few teachers ask her to print as opposed to cursive. You'd think an AP Language & Composition teacher wouldn't be challenged by reading cursive...

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I mostly write in cursive; there are only a few moments when I might be required to write my words in print

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I used to, but I've been using a computer so long, I've gone to back to printing. Looks more legible than my cursive anyway.

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print. Damn you computers


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I only write in cursive, I find it to be much faster then print

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Print. I mean really....2nd grade was the only time I ever had to really write in cursive (besides signing my name in the real-world on forms and documents) and everyone else's cursive I read is illegible, and mine is no different.
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rudydog13 wrote:

print. it is way faster. and easier. and easier.

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i've got a weird half-cursive, half-print style of handwriting that kinda comes from me not really bringing my pen or pencil high enough off the paper between letters. i'm not consciously attempting to write in cursive, though, if that's what you're asking.

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When I was in first grade but now I write in print.

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What tbd said. I've got a kind of smooth, fluid print that isn't impossible to read — like cursive is.



Print (plain) write.

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