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Dear NL staff,
I am hoping to one day get a job at Nintendo, but I don't know exactly what jobs there are to have at Nintendo other than jobs like: game design, game testing, and game development. are there any other jobs at Nintendo or extra jobs under those categories? Also I know for game testing there is testing done with the unfinished product and then they check the finished product to test out the whole game and the people who test out the finished product get to test it by getting to play the game like a person who bought the game would(or so my friend tells me) is this true, and if so can you specifically be a person who tests the finished product?

I'm sorry about all the questions its just my dream has been to work at Nintendo since I was little.


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I would recommend contacting Nintendo directly for this. Just keep in mind that a company like Nintendo will look for someone with skills and experience, so don't expect to walk in getting a job right away.

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We do apologize, agumon1123, but Nintendo Life is not in any way affiliated with Nintendo proper. You'd be better off contacting Nintendo in your region to get a feel for what they're looking for in future employees. Best of luck to you! :3

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