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I ordered an HD Box Pro from Hong Kong a few weeks ago and today I got a letter from the Deutsche Post (Germany's Main post service) that I'm supposed to pick up the packet at the customs office in Bensheim (German city ). I just have to bring the letter and two bills. The problem is that I paid via Paypal and therefore of course have no bill. Does anybody know what you have to bring if you paid via Paypal? I have to know in at least 5 days or the packet will be sent back to the return adress

The only thing that approximates a bill that I can get is when I go to Paypal and click on sent payments and then go to "details" then I get a list like this:

Paypal wrote:

HD BOX PRO (Der Empfänger dieser Zahlung ist Nicht-US - verifiziert)
buy@hdboxp ...

-€55,51 EUR
€0,00 EUR

etc... do you think that's enough? I'll call them later but I wanted to hear from you, too since arranging something like this on the phone isn't easy and Bensheim is too far away to drive there, realize I have the wrong papers, drive back, get the right ones and drive to Bensheim again...

I hope someone can help me.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


The business didn't send an invoice in an e-mail or anything? If nothing else, print the transaction details within Paypal and that should be sufficient.



Nevermind I just gave them the Paypal transactions details that was enough. Question's answered

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Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


Yay.. then we soon will se a review of the HD Box Pro.

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