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Do you know how exactly they do the 3D? Even the new 3D TVs have glasses, although not as cheesy looking as the red and blue ones.

What stage of development is the 3DS in? The website said that the design isn't final or something like that which makes me guess that a lot of things still have to be decided as far as features?

Do you have a guess as to what the price might be?



If you met Miyamoto, how would you appreciate his work?



How does the 3d compare to the 3d of Looksley's Line Up? Is it the same type of 3d or something different?

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What kind of game would you most like to see on the 3DS?

I'm pretty okay.
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Could you describe us details about the following demos you played:the Ocarina of Time 3DS, Zelda:Skyward Sword, Sonic 4, Sonic Colors Wii, and Sonic Colors DS? Which of these demos were the most fun?



Please ask them with development of a Pikmin 3 why has Pikmin never been released in the USA and when can we expect it to be released?

I wonder what is the cause of a Pikmin 2 delay in the USA. Lucky Europe

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What do you think of Nintendo's Wii line-up overall (I know that Nintendo Life as a whole seems to be disappointed with it)?

Do you think the DS is going to go out with a bang, or are you just planning on Golden Sun and a few other RPGs and forgetting about the handheld completely?

Were any of these "dream announcements" for you, or were you underwhelmed and/or unsurprised at any announcements in particular?

What did you think of Sony and Microsoft's conferences in comparison to Nintendo's? Did they really "win" E3 this year, and are they "back in business" like IGN and other websites report they are?

Did the enormous 3DS support at launch from Nintendo and third-parties surprise you? What did you think of the fact that the majority of the potentially amazing games were announced in a press release after Nintendo's big conference?

Which existing home console or handheld would you say the 3DS has the closest graphical potential to in your opinion?

Is Kid Icarus: Uprising a worthy challenge for Project Sora when they could be making the next Kirby or Smash Bros. game right now?

What is your most anticipated 3DS launch game at the moment?

I hear that the 3DS is one of the most mind-blowing portable systems ever; do you feel like it's the future?

Finally, what would you rate Nintendo's E3 showing overall, press conference, show floor, press releases, and all?

Thank you very much for answering any of these questions.

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How does the entire system feel in your hands? Is it comfortable? How is the D-pad now that it's a little lower on the left side because the analog stick moved it down. Is it still easy to use? Do you know If the 3DS babes will be included with the 3DS at launch? I know you'll probably go over your Kirby's Epic Yarn impressions, but how was it?


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Based on where the analog stick is on the 3DS, is it easy to use?

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did legend of zelda skyward sword play well on the demo even though miyamotos demonstration had technical difficulties

i keep being blocked ?


What is the stylus like on the 3DS? I read somewhere its telescopic but that sounds like a terrible idea to me. Also any word how much play time a single charge will give?




How smooth were the controls for Kirby's Epic Yarn?



How is the art style for the new Zelda? Would you say it's a compromise between Windwaker and Twillight Princess?



What are your thoughts on Ocarina of Time 3D, and is it improved?
Where is the microphone on the 3DS?



What do you think of Sonic Colors so far, in comparison to Sonic 4?
Were you pleased that DKCR is returning to Donkey Kong's roots, or would you have rather had a 3D adventure game?
Did you head to Konami's booth? What was it like? Any details on the new DDR for the Wii?
What did you think of Hudson's showings at E3?
Is the 3D effect really that noticeable in comparison to what's currently available on DS?
How would you compare what you saw in the 3DS to, say, X-Scape on DSiWare?
Did you get to try Mario Sports Mix? What's your favourite sport so far?
Is the 3DS already shaping up to be a must-have?
Did you get to try the Professor Layton title for the 3DS?
What are your initial thoughts on the new MvDK title? Does it seem like more of the same?
Are there any (obscure) releases that were shown on the floor that weren't mentioned in the presentation?
Does the new Animal Crossing seem like it has any notable differences so far?
Did you get to try Driver: San Francisco? What did you think?
Any news at all on the Sonic and Super Monkey Ball games for the 3DS?
Out of everything you've tried, what disappointed you the most or was the least exciting?

Don't feel impelled to answer all of these, BTW.



Belgicario wrote:

Is the 3D on the Nintendo 3DS only in depth or do some things pop out of the screen?

I really want to know this too. Does the 3D only make things look like they are behind the screen, or can it make some things look like they are in front of the screen as well?

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Goldeneye. Is it going to be a spruced-up version of the original, like the X360 version of Perfect Dark, or a new game using the same name, like Rogue Agent?

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Late to the party but -
1. How do Kirby and DK control? I hate using the Wii sideways and won't be buying Metroid Other M.

2. On G4TV on my 52" 1080P HDTV Goldeneye 007 looked like crap - I kept wondering if they were showing the original N64 game - and Kid Icarus looked so good I kept thinking it MUST be a Wii game. Thoughts?

PS - I watched both Nintendo's and Sony's presentations and Nintendo won by a hair. Sony may have won if they had shown Last Guardian or some other new property to counter Disney's Epic Mickey. Or if they were including a 3D tv in every PS3 box

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