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On the 3DS, are both screens in 3D or just the top screen?

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


Will the 3DS come permanently attached to a model?

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Will you be able to change the handiness in Skyward Sword?

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Did you get to play NBA Jam? How is it?

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WILL THE 3DS have a SD card slot? does the 3Ds use the NIVIDA tegra graphics card?

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Bulbasaurus+Rex wrote:

Did you get to play NBA Jam? How is it?

Yeah, I really want to know this as well. Is it like the classic one?

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Hoe does the 3DS screen look without the 3D effect turned on and how does it look with one eye closed? Would you still be impressed by the console without the 3D effect?
Would be an interesting answer for all those people with amblyopia or other eye disorders



How does Animal Crossing on the 3DS look?

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I wonder if M+ needs to be calibrated every now and then while playing the new Zelda game?

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Did you get a chance to check out Goldeneye's control options, if so what can you tell us about them?



Do you know if the 3DS will be compatible with more types of wireless routers? All i can do on mine is surf the net and download games. This is going to greatly effect if i pick up Dragon Quest 9 or not.

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Of all the games, features, consoles, and interviews, what was your favourite part of E3?



How many models did you make out with?

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geek-master wrote:

WILL THE 3DS have a SD card slot? does the 3Ds use the NIVIDA tegra graphics card?

Well geekmaster, I can answer that (partially). No reports of insider info has been revealed so it's unknown if TEGRA was actually implemented and furthermore, most people are saying that it isn't happening.

As for the SD Card Slot:


For more close-up shots of the 3DS, head here:

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Did you get to try Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time?
Was there a demo of Rayman Origins on the floor? From what you saw, do you think it'll be HD-exclusive?
What was SQUARE ENIX's booth like? Did you get to try Bearsworth Manor?

Although you guys said it will be the last round "for the time being", hope you guys continue them at a later point.

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You got to play Star Fox 64. Are the original voices kept?


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Was the 3DS's screens "pixely"?

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