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Below is the game I want to know more about. I've heard it briefly described by several E3 attendees.

"After Star Fox I got some hands-on with a target shooting game. I was instructed to point the 3D camera on the 3DS at a little question mark block that was laid on the table. As I did targets started popping up and I actually had to physically walk around the table to shoot them. After destroying the targets, a giant dragon popped out of the question mark block. It kept trying to tear my virtual face off, but I could easily pull back away from the beast. I shot the weak points on the dragon and caused it to implode in a glorious fashion. This was one of the coolest uses of the technology I had ever seen, and it was ridiculously responsive in every move that I made with handheld."

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Does third party support for the Wii seem... waning to you? The only games i've seen are the ones shown on stage. Is it the same reason as WiiWare?



Can you move 360 degrees in Kid Icarus or is it more on-rails like Sin and Punishment?

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Was there any word on launch colours of 3DS, or could we expect the rather sick-looking blue, red and black units? (Note that in my corner of the globe, 'sick' means 'totally freaking awesome'!)

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In Skyward Sword, can you bash enemies (literary, not just rocks) to death with your shield, Soul Calibur 2 Style?

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Since you've already talked about Sonic Colors....

So, I've heard that there were no WiiWare/DSiWare games at the show, but I believe you said you played Sonic 4: Episode 1 on 360. Aside from visuals, I'm guessing there won't be much of a difference between that version and the Wii version so.... how is it?

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Did you go to any non-Nintendo-related booths and presentations? If so, what did you see?

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Sorry if this question has already been answered but:
Does the 3D effect on the 3DS come out at you (like in a 3D movie) or go in making more depth.

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Is there anything that wasn't at E3 that you were hoping was? Not that there wasn't amazing stuff already! Also did you hear anything on the Vitality Sensor?


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Can you ask Nintendo PR people what is with the Dr. Andonuts room?


Is Kirby's Epic Yarn really that great? It looks very kid-centric and after anticipating a 3D Kirby game has me a bit disappointed. Also, Kirby's transparency awkward when controling him? because in the trailer it kinda threw me off.

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What was your favorite tech demo, even if it wasn't playable?

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The footage from the Goldeneye trailer looked pretty archaic presentation-wise, but the hands-on previews I've read have complimented the visuals. Obviously the important thing, however, is how it plays. Did you get your hands on Goldeneye and how did it look and play in comparison to the original?

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@Metroid133 IGN just did an interview with Miyamoto. He said that it's "ready," but that E3 didn't seem like the right place to announce it (even though they brought it up last year....) because E3 is all about excitement and the Vitality Sensor is all about relaxation. He also said he's not directly involved with it.

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Do you think you have played a certain game so much that you can review it?


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Corbie I have two simple questions for you to answer.

What was the Co-op in Kirby's Epic Yarn like?
Was it like having a helper in Kirby Super Star Ultra or something more sophisticated?

Did Nintendo show the 3DS stylus and did they say if it had a rumble feature?

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Do you think you will compare Wii games you review to the games you liked this week?

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