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Hey Corbie, was there any news from anyone about WiiWare or Virtual Console?



If you move your head from side to side, does it seem like you can look around objects?

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What is the estimate amount of hardware power that the 3DS has?



How is just dance 8 players?

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Did you get to play Dead or alive or dynasty warriors, if so how were they?

How does the analog pad feel while playing?


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1. Corbie, how did Ocarina of Time look in 3D? Worth getting for those of us who want to play OoT a second time?
2. I believe this was asked before but I'd like to repeat it: When playing Skyward Sword, did you encounter the same control problems Mr Miyamoto did? Essentially, describe the controls please.

Ignore the second question. Just read the skyward sword review on the main page Thanks corbie.

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Is the 3D effect of the 3DS lost in any way if you shift your head or the unit side to side?

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I'll try to answer a few questions whilst Corbie's asleep.

Regarding WiiWare/Virtual Console/DSiWare - this has no presence at Nintendo's E3 booth this year. Games that are heading to WiiWare are playable on other consoles but not the Wii. Nintendo is not making its current download schemes a focus for this event so don't expect to hear any news about those three services.

Games-wise, everything Corbie played will get a First Impressions article on the site when he gets time to sit and put down his thoughts on the dozens of games he's out there playing. These articles will hopefully answer many of your software questions.

We have absolutely no information on the 3DS release date or pricing. As soon as we hear anything, it will go up on the main page.

The 3DS microphone is "embedded" apparently - I haven't been able to spy it on the hardware images but it definitely is built-in, so don't worry

I highly doubt you'll be able to use the GameCube controller with Skyward Sword as most of the game's mechanics look to use the Wii Remote in new ways.


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StarDust wrote:

Is the 3D effect of the 3DS lost in any way if you shift your head or the unit side to side?

A guy from Engadget who went hands-on with Nintendogs + Cats had to say this during the video.
"It's pretty easy to get off axis, but once you're on it definitly looks pretty great"

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Prosody wrote:

The 3DS microphone is "embedded" apparently - I haven't been able to spy it on the hardware images but it definitely is built-in, so don't worry

I'm pretty sure this is it:

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Will the 3DS be able to compete with PSP when it comes to watching 2D films and/or TV shows? And if so, will it be so we can put those movies on the device ourselves without DRM?

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There is a rumor going around that there is a door behind the Nintendo booth labeled "Dr. Andonuts." It looks like this. Have you seen this? In case you aren't familiar, Dr. Andonuts is from the Earthbound / Mother games. Even if it exists, it's most likely random and not indicative of anything, but it would still be nice to know if it's real or not. If you see it, push it open and let us know if it's a warp zone or something.

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Nah, it's just a typo. There's a Dr. and donuts in there, for weary staff. Nonetheless, I do want Corbie to push it open.

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If that's true, I'm sure he does, too.

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When will you answer a second batch of questions for us?


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When will the world end?

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